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Pink day: tuesday was the start of our recruitment for AIESEC-ESA. We had 25 people interested to join which is good because for the whole recruitment we targeted to have 20 at the most. And we got 25, and it was just our first day.


literally, i was in school the whole day. And i was so tired when i got home, i watched a couple of shows and went to bed. i alarmed my fone to 2 am so that it would be easy to go online, since my internet is f*cked up. so, ayun, nagising ako, went to my computer, went online. added a few sentences to my coursework in Marketing, then hindi ko na kinaya at ni shut down ko na ang pc ko and natulog.


Yellow day: wednesday, our recruitment didn’t go that well, but for me, it’s fine because we actually didn’t expect that much knowing we have a very small population in school. hopefully, those who joined us are quality members.


and i was happy. kasi akala ko wala na. pero yipee. basta. mahirap na sabihin dito. basta, happy ako. 🙂 kaya nga there’s a big smile on my face eh! 🙂


it’s also the official start of our project, AIESEC -E.S.A.’s project, PBOX. because, today, one of our trainees, Gem, a turk guy, arrived. so, we went to the airport to pick him up. and then, we went to Dampa and ate food. haha. shempre ano pa ba diba? hahaha. huy, special siya ah, full force pa kami nag sundo sa kanya chaka masarap ang welcome treat ah. hahaha. Anyway, i just hope to have a very successful PBOX. kaya namin toh!!!!! 🙂


at 4 am, i finally finished my Marketing coursework. so happy!


Green day: today, Our trainee from Yale, Charlotte, arrived, Ces, EJ and Coni were only the ones who picked her up at the airport. We had a welcome treat for her at Dencio’s eastwood. Since, i went back, ngayon lang ulit ako nakakain dito.sisig rocks! craving for Big Chill, cathy and i bought our treat we were both holding two large ones, kaya super ang lamig lamig ng hawak namin. my big chill accidentally spilled at our table. surprise charlotte! haha..


Timezone. Garfield 2.


it’s Gene‘s birthday today. at hindi siya nagpakita sa amin. madaya. =p humanda ka samin.. hahahaha… tapos it’s also my dad’s birthday. we had dinner only at home, my mom bought food.


so, now i’m starting my Advertising coursework. hope to get it done by tomorrow. 🙂


i got tagged by my friend, Janis.

Instructions: Name ten(10) of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten(10) people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. friends. pagkasama ko yung barkada ko, prettyfriends man or grrkada, super masaya na ako. tatambay lang sa bahay ng kung kanino, or mag road trip kami papunta sa kung saan, or tatambay sa eastwood, kahit sa school nga lang nakatambay eh. i’m just glad i have them all. true friends talaga sila that i can depend on anytime.

2. family. i love being with my family, with my relatives. just hanging out at home and watching tv, chatting. super masaya, lalo na when the kids are here, lalaruin sila.


3. Spongebob. he is everywhere in my room. i love this sponge so much. the mere sight of that yellow thing as i wake up every morning makes me smile.


4. movies. i love watching movies. parang yun yung relaxation ko lalo na pag super stressful. dvd man o sa movie house. tapos kasama ko pa friends ko manood, edi super happy again diba?


5. music. since i was a kid, i love listening to music and singing. just my handy ipod at my side, mawawala na boredom ko, makakatulog na ako pag hindi ako makatulog at makakapagrelax din ako pag walang movie. hehe.


6. shopping. sino bang hindi mahilig sa shopping diba? kadalasan, kapag ako ay umaalis, hindi ako umuuwi sa bahay ng walang nabibili kahit isang maliit na bagay lang or kung wala ako nabili, magazine ang binibili ko.


7. traveling. i love to go to different places. never mind the long drives and everything. basta gusto ko kasi maikot ang pilipinas at ang buong mundo eh. wala lang. that’s my dream.


8. pictures. duh. hindi ba obvious?


9. multiply. itong multiply ko, basta nakikita ko, na update ko, upload pictures, blog, super happy na ako.


10. Muffy and Ollie. they’re my babies. oo, pinaggagastusan ko sila ng damit. literal, over $50 ang nagasto ko isang beses. over 50 ha. hindi 50 lang. sino ba naman nasa matinong pagiisip ang gagastos ng ganun para sa kanila diba? ako yun. hahahaha… wala lang super love ko yang dalawang babies ko na yan. super sila makita ko lang sila pagnasasad ako, sasaya na ako. lalo na si muffy, she’s with me for already four years, so lahat talaga ng mga heartaches ko at lungkot ko sa buhay ko alam ng muffy ko na yan. hehehe.


Sakki, Ces, Seska, Kix, Loraine, Aimee, allan, camille, piya, jm


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