The Day You Said Goodnight

to be is all i gotta be
And all that i see,
And all that i need this time.
To me the life you gave me
The day you said goodnight.

Last night was one of the best nights i have with my Pretty Friends. Kahit na kulang kami. We were just 5– seska, me, kix, aimee, and mitch. we met at G4 in the afternoon. as usual, seska was late. hehe! we went to G4 because Hale had a show there. we were just 5 lucky girls because we were invited by Champ’s dad at the backstage. (champ’s dad is the classmate of mitch’s tita- they practically know michelle’s family) we had our pictures taken with champ, solos and group. crazy me, because i was telling champ i love him. wahaha.. we watched Hale’s show and really really had a great time. Champ, for the nth time, thanks for your mesmerizing voice. haha. i really don’t get tired listening to his voice. :p kinikilig nanaman ako. i bought a shirt that has the logo of Hale on it. im excited to wear it soon. hehe.. tapos champ signed it pa, sabi niya, “MARGAUX! HALE! Champ!” weeeeh!

After the show, we went to the washroom, crazy us, we took kix and seska’s pictures while they were in the cubicle. Aimee, our driver, (hehe..) drived thru mcdonald’s so we can buy food. we went to her house. we ate, rested, watched TV, went online, fixed ourselves at her place. by 12 midnight.. we went to embassy. but when we arrived there, seska’s parents were waiting for her. she wasn’t able to join us there. you would think that this is very funny, but honestly, this was our first time to hit this place. aimee and i were actually nervous. hehe.. really. we sat. got our drinks. i got coke. i swore not to drink last night. danced. danced. danced. finally, we were kinda sleepy.. at 3 am, we decided to go home. but before that we had our vanity level high. inside one cubicle in the washroom, we took our pictures. then, we slept at around 4 am when we got home.

i was the last one to wake up this morning. after i took a bath, we had funny chitchatting about life- our past, our present and our future. then, kix, mitch and i headed to shang.

we had breakfast at mcdo. we had the pictures from mitch and my camera burned in a cd. so that kix would have a copy. mitch would pass hers to aimee. then, i would pass mine to seska.

i left shang. i went to megamall. i was actually wearing my gold slippers but it hurt when i am wearing it. so i changed to my silver heels. thing is, i was more comfortable wearing my heels than wearing the gold one that kix told me that i am really a party girl because of my being comfortable with the heels. which is actually not. but after a long walk from shang to mega, my feet really hurt so i bought flip flops at SM plus a silver pouch for my ball tomorrow night. i walked around and found this cute top at mint and i decided to look for a skirt to complete it. that’s why i went to st. francis square to have cheaper choices since i am still in brokeback mountain mode. i was able to buy a white skirt that and the top from mint will be my outfit in my inaanak, ashley’s christening soon. then, i also both 2 kikay skirts and a pink top. sorry for being such a shopaholic even if i am already broke. i finally decided to go home because i am so tired. but then, i don’t want to ride a cab going home, because again for  the nth time, i am telling you that i am broke, i walked through the parking lot of podium, to adb and to galle where i am getting a ride home.

at home, i started cleaning my room because i think today is the right time to clean it.. i haven’t finished it as usual. then, i found out that my landline is gone again. i dunno why. i can’t go online and it really sucks. i don’t know how to contact anyone because my mom is in china. and i am missing her so much, i haven’t seen her for more than a week because i am in Bohol, and she’ll be home in two days. when she went to china in the 28th, i missed calling her. because i am sanay that before the day ends, i call her up or she calls me up. and it’s very sad because i have no one to make kwento what happened during my day. well, i’ll just be patient, malapit na rin siya umuwi.

yesterday, before i went to G4, i met cathy at go nuts, mega first. because i gave her the CD of our pictures in Bohol. we were talking that we’re really missing everything in Bohol. the wake up calls, the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, our home rm 325, the delegates – AHEM! we’re missing our crushes most especially, the magic sing time, the primetime bida watching lalo na yung princess lulu while gene’s seated in front of the tv. then, we would see him getting kilig. hehe.. the tasks or torture?, the aiesec dance, the socials, in short the company of each and every one of us in our group. sobrang nakakamiss yung paggising mo sa morning, muka agad nila makikita mo at bago ka matulog muka pa rin nila ang makikita mo. at lalong lalo na yung mga picture picture namin, yun pagsasabog ng atomic bomb sa CR haha, yung pagpila at unahan sa pagligo, pati yung pag go to church namin ng sunday and pagpunta sa supermarket at nag shopping ng chips na akala mo wala ng bukas- in fairness walang nasayang na chips dahil naubos namin ito lahat. tour namin sa bohol, chocolate hills! luboc river yummy food. sabay sayaw ng pinoy ako, hello TARSY! ang  tarsier ng bayan. hinagdanan cave, jump jump!! hay nako sobrang nakakamiss lang talaga sila. ang mushy naman nito. pardon kung super mushy. basta, we all know, hindi dito nagtatapos ang lahat, mas marami pa kaming bonding moments na magagawa. ito pa lang ang simula ng greatest days of our life namin. nax! i love yah all!

alam niyo ba, i really have the bestestestestest best friends ever? pretty friends and grrkada. wala ng hihigit pa sa kanila. super mahal ko kaya sila. super laki ng magiging kulang sa buhay ko pag isa sa mga yan mawala sa akin. naku naman nagpaka mushy nanaman ako.

me emergency meeting kami ngayon sa AIESEC eh.. online meeting. ang tagal mag start. 4 pa lang kami. eh 9 kami eh. grr. hay buhay… sana nasa bahay na lang ako para tuloy tuloy ito. eh hindi eh. grr.. bat kasi nasira pa fone namin.

yung mga pictures ko pala, some of my friends are waiting for them, you’ll see them all soon. onti-onti pa muna. day 1 pa lang naka upload. 🙂 hehe.. you’ll see the best of everything! weeeh!!!! a thousand more pictures to go na from bohol 🙂 then, pf night last night. grabe dami. 🙂

tomorrow is thames college ball 🙂 woohoo!


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