I’m still a Kid… at Heart….

I’ve been to a dozen of kiddie parties when i was young… from Mcdo, Jollibee, KFC, Shakey’s to house parties. I also celebrated my birthdays at Mcdo and Jollibee. But I was never this happy after I go home from one and I never enjoyed one this much. Maybe because before I was so shy to participate in games, I was afraid with the mascot during my birthdays (the only mascot I wasn’t afraid was Twirlie of Jollibee coz I turned seven that time, big enough) and everything… but a while ago.. I was soo happy and hyped!
My whole morning was the same. Although I woke up at 7 (which is too early for me) because I have to order balloons. but I didn’t wake up… haha.. naubos ko yung snooze ng phone.. until I got up and went to Mimi’s Party Galore and ordered balloons. Then I went to my friend’s house and played with my two inaanaks, Teptep and Ashley. After a few minutes, since wala pa akong diwa, I went home and slept for a while.

Ces went here. We ate egg and pancit canton for lunch. Then, we waited for Gwetchie’s driver to fetch us at Mimi’s and went to Mcdo in Eastwood.
Today is our daddie Papap’s twenteenth’s birthday. To papap: hapi hapi boitday.. hope you had a grrrreat day today with us. alam namin na super na surprise ka!!! we love yah!!!
We had a surprise party for papap, complete with the Incredibles theme party hats, balloons, give aways, games, prizes, boobie cake =p, grimace and birdie, our “lolas” (gretch and rap’s moms), classmates and papap’s la salle friends. We played games like we are kids. We were so excited when Grimace and Birdie arrived. We ate like we had no tomorrow. hahaha.. Ginawa naming ‘long table’ yung tables namin para hindi hiwahiwalay, para bonding diba! We took pictures like hell… hahaha.. super dami talaga eh.. this day is really a blast! i’m sure, si papap, ito ang pinaka unforgettable birthday niya.. i wouldn’t forget this day too.
oh yeah, this is my very first blog here in multiply. I had posted before short quotes. but I deleted them just because. I want this to be the new home of my thoughts, since this is already the home of my vanity. I want to stick to one site. I want to tell my tabulas that she’ll always be in my heart. For two years, dun ko binubuhos lahat ng saya, inis, galit at  pighati, lahat ng memorable and not so memorable moments ko nandun. kaya kung may gusto akong balikbalikang mga ala-ala, thanks sa kanya, dahil nanjan siya, ngee ang drama eh noh? Naglipat lang ng blog. hehehe… sorry ha, super na-attach lang talaga ako sa tabulas ko eh.


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