There’s A Reason for Everything

In our Radio Journalism class, we visited NU 107 station at Garnet road , Ortigas. It’s good to have professors who has cool jobs like this or has connections. Our prof was a DJ in his younger years, though he’s not that old naman. He’s also good friends with the owners. It’s like what we had in TV Production, we were able to experience what is it to be in the production itself of MTV Homecoming, c/o our beloved prof, Sir Tan, executive producer of Homecoming and Get Hitched. We were able to know what it is like in the prod. It’s not that I never experienced it. Since I was very exposed to it, because of my friends that are talents of ABS-CBN. It’s just that being on MTV was way different than me in ABS-CBN hanging around with friends while they’re on break. At NU, we were able to see the DJ’s booth that is ON-air that time. We saw what it is like how the digital recording/editing works, which is what all radio stations use now. The owner of NU showed us how analog recording/editing works too. He got their good ol’ open-reel tape recorder and showed us how it works. It’s cool because even though he hasn’t use that recorder for years, he still is good at it. The open-reel tape recorder hasn’t even used for years. He and another friend of theirs, Mike Pedero of Tracks recording studio also talked about how the radio signals are transmitted from the AIC tower in Ortigas to Antipolo and to all over the Metro. My friend, Jet, were also able to request a song right before we left.

Gwetch and I ate lunch at Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Galle. She also bought a bouquet of flowers at Holland Tulips supposedly for papap, but she decided to give it to papap’s mom na lang.

We went back to school for our Print Production class. but due to my adiik state, I left the room after 30 minutes and went to station 168 at Eastwood to upload the pictures from last night’s event here in my Multiply haven. I’m so baliw noh? hahaha.. an hour of heaven – since they have DSL there, it’s soo fast. While here in my home, I’m using dial-up because PLDT people are not doing anything to put back our DSL. I’ve been really really patient with using dial-up waiting for hours for me to be able to upload my pictures. dial-ups so bagal and it sucks big time.

Done with the pictures, I went back to my class realizing that he dismissed the class an hour early. We were supposed to have a 3-hour class. Buti na lang, he didn’t mark me absent. Even though it’s my most boring class, okay pa rin siyang teacher kasi super mabaet.

Still early to go to JP’s place, we hanged out at the atrium with our classmates, Jet & Marco.. Gwetch and papap played table tennis. To our boredom, Ces and i tried to play. But sorry, it ain’t our thing. We sucked at it. After that, Sir Ed’s class is finally done. We were able to get the waivers for AIESEC people to our Cebu-Bohol thing. He even told us to invite other people (nakontian siya sa pupunta).

Off to JP’s place..Paul to his parents na super nice, for his post-debut party, since he’s 22. I definitely liked his home. It’s so nice. ang sarap gayahin sa Sims. hehe. We were brought to their TV room as we waited for dinner to be served. While his kid cousins were watching Batman, Ces, Gwetch and I were busy with reading Kokology.

As we sat at our table, Jp introduced us to our fellow schoolmates, Ian, Kaye, Manix and Cairus plus Sir Lacay. at our table we ate good food. But for some reason, I couldn’t eat well. *wink* The band started playing uplifting christian songs. Honestly, our table couldn’t really relate to them. I think we we’re the only Catholics there. Which isn’t something bad. We all believe in God. They sang good songs. They played good. JP even showcased his hidden talents, singing and playing the drums. haha. He’s good!!! His sister-his apprentice, also played the drums. JP’s a good mentor by the way. His sister rocks. I just wish I heard JP sing my favorite song, Power of Your Love. hehe.. Wines were served. I’m not used to seeing Ces drinking, alcohol that is. but she says she drinks wine-Asti.. because it’s good for the heart. We went home after JP sang and blew the candles of his cake. Gwetch dropped me home first then Ces.

Everything happens for a reason.
-Naipit yung left thumb ni Gwetch sa door ng car niya (kami ni ces and naghimay ng shrimp niya.. aint that sweet?)
-Cathy wasn’t able to join us that nght (pagumalis pa siya, baka mapurnada ang bohol niya)
-Pap wasn’t able to join us too, coz may family dinner pa siya (it’s okay na magpamiss kayo kahit pa minsan minsan lang diba? ;p)
-Ces left her cellphone at our table. it’s just because.
-I wasn’t able to eat well, that when i got home i was hungry again and started munching the Spongebob cookie that Cathy gave me.
-Hindi si Roxie ang natanggal sa PBB kundi si Aleck. damn.


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