Coco’s Christening Suppliers

❤❤❤❤❤ - highest / ❤ - lowest 1. Church - Christ the King, Greenmeadows, QC - This is my one and only choice for my son's baptism. Main reasons: Their baptistry, location and their private christening rites package. ❤❤❤❤❤ Only P3,200 for the use of their baptistry, christening rites and the best part is -... Continue Reading →

Coco’s Pre-Christening Photoshoot

So, this was how we celebrated Daddy Jhe's very first father's day last June 16 - We had our pre-event photo shoot for Coco's Christening with Sophia Photography. I was super happy with the outcome because Win was able to do what we weren't able to do during his newborn shoot because Coco was awake... Continue Reading →

Coco’s Christening Photoshoot

Of course, we also had a mini photo shoot during and after the event! So, I'm sharing it too! For Coco's Christening Story, please check it here. For Coco's Christening Suppliers, please check it here. For Coco's Pre-Christening Photo shoot, please check it here.

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