The Grandest – Café Mary Grace Okada

Café Mary Grace has been opening stores here and there, from north to the south of the country. There’s one branch that totally got me oooohhing and aaaaahing, and it is the Okada Manila branch. The first time I visited Okada Manila was when they opened in 2016, we were invited to the media launch of Play at Okada. It was still bare then. A pandemic and 7 years later, I found myself walking around Okada, amazed how it has transformed to what it is now with a couple of high end stores at the Retail Boulevard and a wide array of restaurants that guests can choose from at the Crystal Corridor. One of which is my favorite restaurant, Café Mary Grace in its glory.
Cafe Mary Grace Okada Storefront
Store front photo above is just 1/3 of the Okada store’s length. With its familiar lighting, you’ll still get that homey feeling that is natural in every Café Mary Grace that you enter to. It has its normal dining tables and chairs but it also has more couches for dining as it seems to give us a more relaxing dining experience. It also has a second floor to accommodate more diners.

Cafe Mary Grace Okada Bake Front
The cashier and cake shelf greets you as you enter the Okada store. The cakes would really make your mouth water.
Cafe Mary Grace Okada main dining couch
Upon entering the Okada branch, these couches will be seen, giving you a more comfy choice to dine
Cafe Mary Grace Okada main dining
This is the other half of the main dining area on the lower level of the Okada branch, which is more spacious than the first half.
Cafe Mary Grace Okada second floor
This is the second level dining area of the Okada branch.
Cafe Mary Grace Okada Play area
Play area at the lower level of the Okada branch

Dining at the Okada branch gave me this luxurious vibe that I uniquely felt here. I consequently need to highlight the beauty of the Okada branch as though it seems similar, it still has its own beauty to rave about. I’m glad to share how the staff of Café Mary Grace has always been consistent with how they were so accommodating and their hospitality per se. Mary Grace Okada Table SetFood is always delicious. No doubt at that. That is why despite of the urge to always pick my comfort food like the their classic carbonara, I would always try their other dishes knowing that they wouldn’t fail me. BUT My favorite Crispy Cassava Chips will always be part of the list.

Crispy Cassava Chips with Onion Dip Okada
Crispy Cassava Chips with Onion Dip
Sirloin Beef Tapa
All day breakfast, Sirloin Beef Tapa – all homemade without preservatives and marinated fresh daily
Chicken Inasal Fillet
All day breakfast, Chicken Inasal Fillet, with plain rice for the picky eater child
Chorizo and Olives
Freshly cooked pasta, Chorizo & Olives with a slice of garlic bread
Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce Truffle Rice
One of the best seller, Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce. We chose to add Truffle Rice for now, instead of Couscous
Chocolate Truffle Banana Bella Mango Bene
A glass of Apple Cinnamon Tea & Honey plus Chocolate Truffle, Banana Bella, and Mango Bene cakes

Did you know that the Okada branch is one of the few branches that serves wine? Craving for a drink? Ask the server for their best bottle and you know what’s next!

wine mary grace
Café Mary Grace is and will always be my favorite restaurant. I’m sure you notice how I keep on coming back, collaboration or not. It does not only consistently maintained its quality of food, but most especially, their service.
Mary Grace Okada Coco Dine
Truly, Café Mary Grace’s slogan – “Goodness of Home” resonates in every visit as I enjoy meals that definitely warm our hearts. Visiting Café Mary Grace in Okada Manila definitely amplified my love for the brand. The great food, exemplary service and its beauty – it isn’t the grandest for nothing, right?

PS. Starting at 6:00 PM, you can witness the Fountain at Okada, which is also one of the top attractions inside the Okada Manila. It is just outside Café Mary Grace.

📍 Café Mary Grace is located at the 2nd level, Crystal Corridor, Coral Wing, New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Okada Manila.
OPEN HOURS: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM | CONTACT NUMBER: +63 917 130 5467


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