Boost Up Family Fun with Mattel Games

Coco is currently in the phase where he now enjoys playing board games with us, let alone he has finally learned how to be a good sport as we play games with him. When Coco was younger, he has been a a real sour grape. It was so hard to manage. I think during this pandemic, he has started to mature in some ways. Plus we had a lot of fun family time while playing, especially during this pandemic. I must say it brought us closer, as much as Coco has been developing lots of skills – his reasoning, his memorization skills, speeding up his response, and language skills for example.

He recently discovered an old boggle at our home. He aced it 5 minutes after my mom taught him how thought him how to play it. I was so giddy upon learning that I could now play games like this with him. And then this.
We are so happy to receive the Uno Premium 50th Edition plus we will learn how to play Uno Flip! But I’m more than happy – I bet even happier than Coco – that he received Scrabble Harry Potter edition. Not only that, it is just the right time to teach him how to play Scrabble and when I did, he did great for a first timer. I must say, Coco is a fast learner. He was so good playing with words! We did enjoy playing the Harry Potter edition, as well!
Uno 50th Year
For family friendly games, #MattelGames got you! Bring them as well on your next family reunion!

Mattel Games are available in all leading toy stores nationwide, as well as via their e-commerce websites.

Uno 50th Anniversary Edition
Uno Flip
Harry Potter Scrabble

Uno 50th Anniversary Edition
Uno Flip
Harry Potter Scrabble

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