WanderWoMom 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving

I may not have a lot but I am always grateful of the little blessings that come my way and I try my very best to share it, not only with my followers, some with my family and friends but also to those that needed it the most. Pre-pandemic, Kuya Carlo and I’s Team Carloholix family would prepare a small thanksgiving celebration in our chosen orphanage. We have been visiting two constant orphanages yearly and only stopped when the pandemic hit.
WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 1
Last year, when the Covid-19 restrictions has lessen, we finally had the chance to go back and give thanks through one of the orphanages that we usually visit. Since it’s also my 10th year anniversary as a blogger and content creator, I tried my  best to gather resources so that I could prepare more than usual as my way of thanksgiving. Here are some photos that’s I want to share with you to mark my anniversary:

WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 2
The Children’s Home of Eucharistic Love and Kindness kids
WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 7
Meal prep time with Team Carloholix, Kuya Carlo and Mommy Amy
WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 5
Us with our gifts 🙂
WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 3
with my kuya, Carlo Aquino
WanderWoMom 10th Year - Thanksgiving 4
my baby loud and proud

I want to thank my sponsors, my Johnson’s Baby family for providing my hygiene kits for the children and Rebisco family for the snacks. Thank you also to the other brands that I worked with in the last few months, so as I was able to save enough to buy school supplies for the children. Thank you to my good friend, Roni (@glamyen in Instagram) for sharing lots of toys to give to the children too.

Thank you so much, Kuya Carlo and Team Carloholix for letting me “ride” with our yearly event, as I won’t be able to handle it by myself. I can’t wait for our next one this 2023. Thank you to all the children of The Children’s Home of Eucharistic Love and Kindness for giving us song and dance numbers, as well as giving us that feeling of hope and fulfillment. You have grown so much since then. I pray that you all will always be in good health and that your dreams will come true.

My 2022 was an inspiring year. It gave me renewed faith that I lost during the pandemic. It was full of fun experiences and hard work. I hope to give the same energy to 2023. I haven’t got the vibe yet. But I’m sure God is working wonders for me.


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