Keep Trying Gets Stronger with Cheez Whiz

We only want the best for our growing children. That’s why despite Coco’s pickiness with the food that he eats, I try my best to prepare snacks that he likes that are not only delicious but also nutritious and strength-building. He needs to have “power” that will last him the whole day, since he has longer time in school now that he have face-to-face classes again. Back-to-school also meant back-to-a-tiring day too. So we should always start our children’s day STRONG!
CheezWhiz 1
Good thing he loves some cheesy spread to his bread for breakfast and snack time! Of course, it should be Cheez Whiz. Well, who doesn’t love Cheez Whiz? Right? We all know how delicious it taste, but what we don’t know is how it contains strength-building nutrients of Vitamins A and D, Calcium and Phosphorous that our kids need as they #KeepTryingGetsStronger.
CheezWhiz 3
We can also explore different ways to make snack times more exciting! We can spread Cheez Which Original to add a cheesy feel to our waffles or make your nachos extra by using Cheez Whiz Pimiento instead. The cheesy snacks we can make are endless!
CheezWhiz 2
Whatever variety of spread you prefer to use for your kid’s baon, you can enjoy Cheez Whiz in a Glass Jar to stock up in your pantry (Php 85), a Stand Up Pouch to make it easy to spread (Php 26-73.50), or a twin pack sachet (Php 10.50) which can give you just the right serving. Cheez Whiz is available in leading supermarkets nationwide and on Mondelēz Philippines’ official page on Shopee and LazMall to buy now! Shopee:


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