#AllGoodThingsComeYourWay with TrueWin

Surprisingly addictive. That’s all I want to say. I was so curious of TrueWin‘s fruit teas and soufflés as I’ve seen a lot of raves about it online. Yes, it didn’t fail me, my son loved it so much, especially their soufflés.
TrueWin 1
Taste TrueWin’s flavor rich fruit teas and milk teas as you indulge yourself in their delicious soufflé. Its fluffiness is an understatement.  TrueWin’s fruit teas are made from premium quality tea and is armed with 100% real fresh fruits for its global fruit tea revolution, giving us a refreshing, stimulating and nourishing drink. While at that, indulge yourself with their souffles that would definitely give you a melt in your mouth experience. Sweet or savory, you choose! Definitely, #AllGoodThingsComeYourWay! TrueWin 2Enjoy their Soufflé Combo Treats with their best selling fruit teas for a refreshing experience and big savings. In Photo: Brown Sugar Bubble Soufflé, Ham and Cheese Soufflé, Lemon Strong Black Tea, Ultimate Fruit Tea which is a combination of  Grapefruit, Lime, Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple and Apple.

With over 40 outlets in Taiwan, 4 outlets in Japan, TrueWin, the Taiwan’s No. 1 Fruit Tea and Souffle Specialty Store is finally in the Philippines. Visit them at the 2F SM North EDSA Annex or order via FoodPanda, Booky and Pabili Service Apps.

Don’t miss out on that #TrueWin moment and have #YourLucteaDay today! 💛


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