Choose Sarap Everyday with ChewSarap

Didn’t need to worry about today’s lunch! Chewsarap got us covered! I’ve finally managed to give it a try after I’ve consistently seen raves about it online. But of course, I got curious, MasarapBa? said that they have the best Hainanese Chinese! I must say, really SO SARAP! It didn’t fail me!
The owners of Chewsarap weren’t new to the food business as they’ve been handling the cafeterias of some schools pre-pandemic. They eventually opened up their own restaurant but didn’t hit it well. The pandemic came and they didn’t want their staff to lose their jobs so they tried to sell their best-sellers through Facebook and Instagram. It was really challenging for them. From zero to where they are now, it was because of their biggest blessing, the moment when blogger, MasarapBa featured them.

ChewSarap serves Korean, Chinese and Filipino cuisine with best sellers – Hainan Chicken with Curry Rice, Roast Beef, Beef Tapa, Japche Noodles, Korean Chicken Wings. They cook them fresh before delivery, so make sure to order at least a day before. Order comes in 3 sizes: Solo (1 to 2 pax), Family (3 to 4 pax) and Party (6 to 8 pax).  Family sizes are huge for its affordability and SARAP ha! Highly recommended!chewsarap2They are currently selling their best sellers through their website or you can also order online through their social media accounts. You can also visit their website to view their wide range of menu.chewsarap4
Earlier today, we have tried their Hainan Chicken with Curry Rice – chicken cooked sous-vide on top of curry rice which was served with ginger and soy dipping sauce. Honeylime Chicken – chicken tenders in their special sauce.chewsarap5 And lastly, one of my favorite Korean food, Japche Noodles – Stir-fried Korean glass noodles w/ beef. All of which we enjoyed a lot, even with my picky eater son, he was able to enjoy his chicken meals today! chewsarap3 While Chewsarap is in the process of opening their physical store soon, (and I can’t wait to visit!) we can also enjoy the Ready-to-Cook meals that are available – Chicken Tenders, Beef Tapa, Japche Noodles, Pork Sisig and Beef Stew.

Chewsarap believes that good food does not have to be expensive. Let’s choose food that is “masarap” today, #ChooseSarapEveryday

Official pages:
● Website (full menu):


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