Lego: 90 Years of Play

The year 2022 marks the 90th anniversary of the favorite toy of many, many kids and kids-at-heart, LEGO! But we actually celebrate it on August 10! Lego in the Philippines joins the festivities with a huge brick exhibition at Events Center of SM Megamall Mega A which is open to anyone to come and play until June 19, 2022.
LEGO 90 Years of Play 1LEGO 90 Years of Play 17LEGO 90 Years of Play 2
Here are some of the Lego masterpieces that kids would surely enjoy to see! A play area is also available for kids to experience, share and play together.

There is so many things to look forward to with Lego as they celebrate its 90th year. There will be lots of fun activities which starts with this event, brand new sets and more! For now, we will just play here at the open area or shop

LEGO 90 Years of Play 7

Endless time and imagination building one brick at a time, because with Lego, there is a PLAYground in every box! Shop your Lego favorites as well!


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