Getting your PSA Certificates as EASY as 1-2-3

Many of our government, job, and school applications needs a PSA authenticated certificate – married, birth, death and even CENOMAR. Actually, you can easily get them via your city hall with minimum fee. But not all have the luxury and time to travel going to the city hall, and even fall in line to get these requirements. Did you know that you can easily get these documents with just a click away?
All you have to do is to visit the Philippine Statistics Authority‘s accredited partner of the PSA for the online ordering and delivery of PSA birth, marriage, and death certificates and CENOMAR, and CLICK ORDER NOW.PSAHelplineOrderNowUpon clicking ORDER NOW, it will bring you to choose among the certificates that you need and if you are getting for yourself or for someone else. Make sure that you will be able to input the correct details which were already registered and that your details match your valid government ID, as you need to present that when they delivery.PSAHelpline1 Payment is very easy as well. For Certificates of Live Birth, Marriage and Death, you have to pay Php365, while it is Php420 for CENOMAR. You can pay via credit card (any VISA and MasterCard), GCash, Dragon Pay, Any BancNet ATM Machine, 7-11 outlets, PayMaya, Bayad Outlets and TouchPay Machines.

Delivery takes 3-4 working days within Metro Manila and 3-8 working days for provincial deliveries. The courier will not release the order to anyone else, even with an authorization letter. If you are not available, you can call their hotline at (02) 8737-1111 and make delivery arrangements.

You can also check the status of your order by click the CHECK STATUS TAB on the menu bar of PSAHelpline’s website or CLICK HERE.


  • It doesn’t matter if the only valid government ID available are that with your married name, because at the portion of delivery details, you have to answer with your details which is in your valid government ID and make sure that you input an address where you can receive your document personally.
  • You may order a PSA Certificates for yourself, your child, or your parents. But for death certificate of you child, you will have to contact their hotline at (02) 8737-1111. There are additional verification checks that we need to conduct over the phone.
  • You can get a copy of your PSA certificates within 1-2 months for Metro Manila and 2-3 months for provincial – for newborns, newly weds and death.

To share with you: I ordered both my son and I’s birth certificate on February 23. I got a notification the following day that they are already processing it. My son’s birth certificate was released that same day. I received a notification that my birth certificate needs manual verification. I already expected that because I had court hearings with my name so my birth certificate has a stapled court papers on it. We received my son’s PSA birth certificate exactly 5 days after as they said, on March 1. Mine was released on March 4, extra 7 days for the manual verification and it arrived 4 days after the release.

It is that convenient and they delivery really fast! Glad that I am able to get copies of our documents at the comfort of our home, anytime of the day. So for hassle-free transactions, head over to Now we are ready to apply for our visas!

For more information and inquiries, you can visit the Facebook Page, email them at or call their hotline at (02) 8737-1111.



  1. That’s good to know. Ang convenient na at wala ng time na mawawala sa pila pa lang. Good job for keeping up with the times, PSA!


  2. I tried this before and it went very smoothly. Very convenient and hassle-free.
    I just wonder if they also cater to overseas requests, lalo na yung for visa applications.


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