Prime Paskong Easy Sarap with Mega Prime Quality

Prior to Noche Buena, I was so busy with work and finishing deadlines for my contents. But you know, I didn’t fret. I was so ready for food preparation because I have Mega Prime Quality Products on stock to back me up. Promise, di ako na haggard during preparations kasi complete na sya. Mega Prime Quality Products are very convenient to prepare, of quality and taste will never be compromised.
Here is the Fruit Salad that I made for Noche Buena made from Mega Prime Quality Tropical Fruit Cocktail and Mega Prime Quality Nata de Coco Pine Apple flavor. For more easy peasy recipes, just head over to Prime Mom Club.
Mega Prime is a brand of Mega Global, the maker of the country’s beloved canned and processed products such as Mega Sardines and Mega Tuna. It has a complete array of high-quality products that conveniently turns the simplest of recipes into hearty meals for the entire family.
PS. Mag-Media Noche na tayo kaya make sure ready na ang inyong Mega Prime Quality products for delicious food and desserts to create hearty meals for the entire family to indulge on! What to make kaya for New Year’s Eve? Any suggestions?

Mega Prime Quality Products are available at all leading supermarkets nationwide. But for your convenience, head over to


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