McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is BACK — Online!

For decades, kids including my son, has looked forward to joining the most iconic summer activity, which is the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, from of course, one of the favorite fast food chains in the country, McDonald’s.
From their chosen McDonald’s branch, the kid would get to experience what is it like being part of a crew like making their own Burger McDo, receiving orders from the cashier and serving orders to drive-thru customers. Of course, all these being guided by a McDonald’s crew. This activity usually runs over the weekend or for 5 straight days. Unfortunately, until now, I haven’t had Coco try it out because he was still too young, we have a prior commitment, or we are on vacation. In 2020, we were excited for he will finally be able to join one but the pandemic came and it had to put on hold like what happened to the rest of the world.mcdokiddiecrew2021-5
More than a year since the pandemic, when the world has started to move again, McDonald’s has decided to bring back the Kiddie Crew Workshop but virtually! McDonald’s taught of finding a way for the kids to still experience the workshop while staying safe at home. It is also an opportunity to take a break from all the studying that the children do online and to help the parents encourage their children to spark their interest and curiosity and by keeping them active through singing and dancing with Ronald McDonald and the whole gang! mcdokiddiecrew2021-2
When making things happen, age doesn’t matter at all. That is why, since Coco was so small, I’ve always encouraged him to explore, try to find what his little heart desires and to hone the skills he would acquire through the years. It gives him confidence and he knows that he could count on me if he needs me. Aside from that, I am also keen on showing him the importance of values that he needs to know to go through life, like teamwork, hard work and discipline. It’s gotten easier to show them and make them understand these practical things they need to learn through the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Online Workshop! Not only that they will have lots of activities to do, it also guarantee us parents that they can still stay safe at home while having FUN FUN FUN!
Create 2021: McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Online Workshop began last November 2021 and will continue holding sessions until December 29, 2021. The first fully digitalized is now up and running and I wouldn’t miss it for my Coco, you shouldn’t, too! Register online via, get oriented, and have your kids experience the value-packed 2-Day (90 minutes) workshop and get the entire kit delivered to your footsteps.


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