Have a Good MaMorning with Monde Special Mamon

GoodMaMorning sa lahat! Have you eaten your breakfast already?  We wake up early these days because Coco is back to school already at we get to eat breakfast na, compare having time to sleep in during vacation time. Since it will be a long day for us, with school and my work,, I see to eat that we eat a healthy and hearty breakfast.
I make sure that I AlwaysAddSpecial to our breakfast, that is why, Monde Special Mamon Classic is a staple in our household. It is Coco’s favorite kind of mamon, like he doesn’t want to eat any other mamon levels. Trivia: Did you know that Monde Special Mamon Classic is a great source of protein? That is why it is definitely healthy for us to eat, even during breakfast when we need all the energy to last the whole day.
Why not make your kid’s morning MAMONtastic by leveling up their breakfast. Diba? Para mas nakakagana lalo na kung school time nanaman! Share ko lang what we did to Monde Special Mamon Classic today, baka ma-inspire din kayo to do the same.
Everything is readily available in our cupboard – 
chocolate spread, powdered chocolate malt, sprinkles and of course, Monde Special Classic Mamon. How to do it? Easy! 1) Spread a thin layer of chocolate on top of mamon, 2) sprinkle powdered chocolate malt, 3) add a dash of sprinkles. And voila! Ready to serve na ang aming “Rainbow Choco Mamon”!!
Simple but very sweet! AlwaysAddSpecial  sa bonding moments ninyo with your kids. Remember! It’s the little moments that count! Share niyo din samin your leveled up mamon ha?
Let your kids wake up to classic mamon goodness and enjoy it with the entire family. Monde Classic Mamon is also available in Strawberry cream, Chocolate cream, Vanilla Cream and Mocha flavors, as well as Monde Special Mamon Mini. To know more about Monde Special Mamon, check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MondeSpecials

Shop your Monde Special Mamon via Shopee https://shp.ee/7788qbj and Lazada https://bit.ly/3AMLzVA



  1. it looks delicious! And I like the ability to customize it in a flash if you feel like it. Nice add especially for special days


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