PeanuTsokoPeanutSaya Ang Choco Mani Bulilit

What greatly reminds me of childhood? A a little bar of choconut! Who doesn’t love it, right? Such a comfort treat to everyone. I’m so happy that I get to share this with my little boy… ang pinagsamang sarap ng tsokolate at mani, na nasa Choco Mani Bulilit!
Choco Mani is a choco-peanut brand that has combined goodness of rich chocolate and flavorful, roasted peanuts, which is an all-time Pinoy favorite. Ang pinagsamang sarap nito ang perfect sa bonding ng pamilya. 
#PeanuTsokoPeanutSaya na Choco Mani for our bulilits, piso lang sa ating suking tindahan, oh!  It is available in all leading super markets, public markets and sari-sari stores nationwide. Choco Mani Bulilit retails at P17.50, Choco Mani Sakto at P24.50 and Choco Mani Coins at P19.75. Di kailangan gumastos, para maging masaya!ChocoMani2
You can also order Choco Mani via Shopee and Lazada


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