The Most Important Thing You Need to Do After You Buy a Car

As a teenager, many of us dreamt of having our own car when we grow older and start working. We dreamt of getting the latest sedan model, while others would prefer the SUV type. Some would be so excited to taking it to long drives. Some would just like to drive around with their friends for some coffee. Most of us treat it as a need, especially how it is hard to commute in our country, especially for families.

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Most people think that once you have acquired your motor vehicle. That’s it. You can enjoy it to the limits. You must keep in mind that there are important things that you need to do, like it is mandatory that you register your motor vehicle before anything else. Most reputable car dealership would offer an extra hand in assisting their client for car registration.

During car registration, you may notice one thing that is needed in the list of the requirements, which is the CPTL or Compulsory Third-Party Liability. Note that they cover the third-party’s injuries or the death of a third-party and not of the insured or the owner of the motor vehicle. It means that no matter what happened between you and the third party, whether they are at fault or not, you will not get anything from it. That is why, one of the most important aspects you need to do after acquiring a motor vehicle is getting a car insurance. Please note that upon car registration, getting your own comprehensive car insurance isn’t mandatory. You may or may not have one.

It may not be mandatory to get car insurance in the Philippines, but it is beneficial that you have one. Why? A Comprehensive Car insurance will give you protection not only from vehicular accidents, but it can provide you the assistance that you need when during car theft, natural disasters like flooding and fire, even as simple as someone aggressively scratched (vandalism) your motor vehicle.

There are a lot of insurance companies in the Philippines. Try to find out what best fits you and asking around would do you good. Usually its policies tend to differ across different packages and companies and its coverage and benefits would be so as well. This would result to differences in prices that you need to pay. Make sure that you are aware of what is covered and fully read the terms and conditions. You might want to think twice or even thrice before choosing the best deal that you think that fits you. It’s a plus when the car insurance company that you will choose have an efficient customer service. So make sure that the person you are speaking to doesn’t only tries to sell to you but is really there to help.

It is the peace of mind that you will get upon the purchase of your car insurance policy, above anything else. It is the assurance that you will not face any financial difficulties in the future if in case, God-willing nothing will happen though. Do not wait until an accident or a disaster for you to get your car insurance. Get it because you know you will need one, not because you regret that you didn’t get one when you needed it the most. DO it for your family. Do it for you.



  1. My husband and I learned a lot from our first car. We didn’t buy it, it was a gift from my dad when I got pregnant with my eldest son. We were very happy because we couldn’t afford to get one on our own and thought that was it. But we learned that it costs so much more than the actualy price of the car — maintenance costs, etc. We didn’t have insurance so twice, when we got into accidents, we had to pay in cash for repairs and it was very hard for us. We eventually had to give up the car.


  2. true, car insurance is something that you get but hopes not to use. but it is very important, just in case. it is better to be safe and protected than bear the cost at a most inopportune time.


  3. Car insurance plans can’t stop a calamity or to prevent an accident. However, it pays to know that car insurance can help you save more money on repair and medical bills should your vehicle figure in an accident.

    Here are the reasons you should consider getting a car insurance plan for your vehicle today.


  4. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of car posts and articles. Now this? Hahaha should I take this a sign to get my own car na? OMG! Okay soon. But it is nice that I get to read this first before actually getting one. I mean, anybody who owns a car should know about the importance of having their car insured. It’s important! Alam ko nga e kahit wala pa ako. Hahaha


  5. Even your car is secondhand, it is still best to have car insurance coz road accidents can happen at any time. You will feel more secured, and less stressed in case your car got damaged, or if you damage someone else’s car.


  6. Car insurance is really important. It’s a big help when you got into accidents even minor accidents. Yung kaunting gasgas lang insurance can handle that para mapaayos. Tsaka ang kinaganda ng insurance is yung kahit kunwari nakapark ka may nakabangga or gasgas ng kotse mo ng hindi mo alam sila mismo tatawag sa iyo na nabangga nila yung kotse mo. Nangyari yan sa kotse namin nakapark lang sa labas 2 times na nabangga. And yung gagawa ng kotse sila mismo ang kukuha at maghahatid sa house mo.


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