Every Home should have a Tea Corner

It’s Tea Time! I’ve always enjoyed a cup of tea. Did you know that drinking tea has a lot of health benefits? I didn’t know that. I just love drinking green tea because it can aid weight loss. I drink milk tea because of happiness. Oops. That is a different story. I love drinking tea, usually after every meal. I usually drink a certain brand’s regular tea and green tea. It calms me especially when I am stressed, or soothes me when I feel down.
Tea, per se has lots of health benefits. Different kinds of tea has different benefits, whether for when you need if for your digestion, weight loss, your skin, immune system, hair scalp, freshens breath, improve sleep, enhances energy and a lot more. You just have to find the perfect one for you. Indeed, a cup of tea makes everything better. TeaCorner1
TeaCornerPH offers high quality, organic loose leaf tea that are naturally grown in the Queen City of Cebu, pesticide-free and GMO-free. The sampler set includes 8 different jars of around 15-20 grams of loose leaf tea, which means you can have at least 80 cups of delicious aromatic tea for the entire set. It includes Jasmine Black Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea, Chamomile Tea, Mint Tea, Genmaicha Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Hibiscus Tea and Butterfly Pea Tea. This can be sold separately as well.

Because every home needs a #TeaCornerPH, purchase TeaCornerPH Loose Leaf Tea via www.teacornerph.com and you can use my code MARGAUX20 to avail 20% discount.


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