Blue’s Clue’s Steve Gives “YOU” the Much Needed Closure #BluesClues25

19 years ago, Steve abruptly left Blue’s Clues. He introduced his brother Joe, got on a bus and left. The hearts of many, many kids of that era got heartbroken. I wasn’t that affected that time because I was already a teenager. Maybe my younger brother was. I’m not quite sure. Today, as Blue’s Clue celebrate its 25th anniversary, Steve faces the public via Nick Jr‘s Facebook and gave a very heart warming message for the kids who was left behind. He tells us that he left because he went to college and accomplished things, just as the kids before who now have careers, and family. That all the help those kids gave him before has helped him through life and that despite of it all, he has never forgotten “you”.
Blues Clues Steve
These kids may have moved on from Blue’s Clues, Nickelodeon, childhood and basically, just life, but a lot has spoken up today, as I’ve read from my news feed. Some said he didn’t have to give a closure, some said they were thankful for the closure after all these years and some were just happy with how things happened the way they did.

Watch the full video here:

Thank you dear Steve for giving my little sister and little brother, my little cousins and all the kids of their generation have a memorable childhood. Thank you for helping these kids, or even me in figuring things out, which for sure has been a big help to us today. Yes, we may not have realized it until now. I’m pretty sure they learned a lot from watching you and Blue’s as you help each other with the clues. This is quiet a happy memory for these kids, as much as it is with you. Gracias!


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