Rebuild the World with LEGO

For my family, LEGO Bricks are not just a toy, it is a lifestyle. It may seem like collecting LEGO Bricks is hard to keep up with, right? But it is something that Dada, our extended family and I will gladly splurge on because we believe in its positive effect on Coco’s development, especially when it comes to the life skills that he will need in life and in the real world. Most importantly, the LEGO System in Play is a perfect way to bond as a family.
Coco can spend his whole day building with his LEGO Bricks. I actually get surprised with how creative he could get in building his vehicles and buildings. Indeed, the possibilities are endless and his imagination would always run wild when he is in the zone. The limit? When he comes to me and tells me “Mommy, we need to buy new LEGO Bricks because I can’t find a piece to put in here.” Oh no! I would tell him, “We will buy more soon, anak.” He would go back to his LEGO Bricks and continue playing and you will be amazed how he would be able to solve his huge problem earlier by finding another piece that can fit just the way he wanted.
Today, I stopped everything that I needed to do and spent a few hours playing with Coco and our favorite LEGO Bricks. We built his first LEGO Ninjago and we were amazed in its complexity and beauty and I couldn’t imagine that this little boy was able to build this by just following the directions from the manual.
LegoNinjago3LEGO brand builds a child’s potential in life in a fun and creative way, because it helps to develop important skills through play. Through the fun of building, kids sharpen their hand-eye coordination and ability to build increasingly complex creations, with that, they build their fine motor skills. Through LEGO play, children come up with ideas that are new, surprising, and valuable, which is an essential 21st century skill, with that, they build their creativity. Kids learn to build and rebuild over and over. Without realizing it, they are learning through play and with that, they build their problem solving skills. LEGO play offers the perfect bonding experience. Both kids and adults can enjoy the process of building and roleplay together, with that it builds family time.
Because ONE CAN’T HAVE TOO MANY LEGO BRICKS, you can get these LEGO Sets at LEGO Certified Stores, retail partners, Lego Store via Shopee (click to buy), the Lazada Flagship store (click to buy) and the Bankee Bricks Website.
Trivia: Mommy Margaux’s 3 decades old LEGO Bricks which she owned as little girl lived to be played by Coco. Coco started playing with his LEGO Bricks, as early as 15 months old with his LEGO Duplo and I tell you to not imagine anymore the amount of LEGO Bricks he has at the moment. SSSHHHH!
The LEGO GROUP celebrates a decade of LEGO® NINJAGO® as they launch new sets plus the Lego Ninjago’s Season 3 has already started playing via Cartoon Network and you can watch 4 seasons worth of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu via Netflix.

Rebuild the World is a global campaign by The LEGO Group to inspire young minds and celebrate children’s unparalleled creativity and resilience. It looks at the multiple ways the LEGO System in Play helps to unlock kids’ creative potential and provides an opportunity to showcase their never-ending playful imagination.



  1. I love Lego, especially when I was a kid. It was actually my dream to get a set. I still like it now but I just don’t have the extra funds to buy Lego but I think it helps kids to be more imaginative.


  2. LEGO keeps on innovating and seems there is no sign of stopping. All ages loves LEGO at hindi naluluma talaga. I reckon it would be so COOL to work in LEGO and become one of their creator or kahit sa warehouse na lang okay na ako, lol.


  3. Totally agree! One of the advices we received when we were a young family was to invest in LEGOs. You can never have too many indeed.


  4. Me and my kids love lego!!! I started introduxing it to them when they were barely 6months old. Today, my 4yo could build whatever he wants. The only problem i have? I might die when i step on one small piece. Hahhaa.


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