Lady’s Choice and Smart Parenting encourages Parents to be part of the #DoItTogether Movement

Taking care of the kids while staying at home requires a lot of work, but did you know that it leaves us more prone to overparenting? That’s right! According to a recent study done by Toluna, 7 out of 10 Filipino parents are at risk of overparenting their children, making them susceptible to overdependence. For me, It was when Coco started grade 1 when I started giving him tasks at home other than cleaning up his toys. Little responsibilities can help them become self-reliant and can boost their self-esteem. We might want to do everything for them as parents, but remember they can’t rely on us forever.2021_0701_14424700-01

No chill, I don’t want to be the kind that overparents their kids. That’s why it’s crucial that we make the most of our time together at home by engaging in activities where kids can learn and grow to their fullest potential. Lady’s Choice and Smart Parenting introduces us to what they call Collaborative Parenting – a parenting style that encourages doing things together with your kids. Co-creation with them can help them grow-up to be more resilient and more confident in the future. Ito pala ang parenting style ko talaga.2021_0701_14423800-01
Coco and I did the Lady’s Choice Egg Mayo Relay Challenge and he had fun preparing and eating the merienda with me. It is simple but we had so much fun! That’s the best part of it! Lady’s Choice has prepared a myriad of fun, educational and value-oriented co-creation activities  that you can do with your kids, just visit the Lady’s Choice website.2021_0701_14425700-01
You can also join the #DoItTogether movement by signing up and taking the parenting test, as well as share your discoveries on your Co-creation journey. Invite your mom friends to start with their own kids as well by visiting

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  1. Yes to this! I’m glad to have been part of Lady’s Choice’s campaign on collaborative parenting. It has so many benefits that I think every parent should be informed about it.


  2. One of the things that frustrated me with this pandemic is the limiting of the kids from being independent from us. My teenager was already doing things on his own, walking around the city and all, going to his commitments, classes and attending events and hanging out with his friends without us tagging along. This year, his 12 year old brother was supposed to start going with him and learn more about doing things by himself. Haist!
    ay sorry, napa rant haha.
    Anyway, yeah, I think in terms of collaborating, we’re good with that. We do a lot of projects with the kids – including being their tech persons when they have professional commitments. And I think it benefited us all. So good job on advocating this, Lady’s Choice and SP!


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