PanaLONG Lasting Challenge with Joy Kinsenas Pack

Joy Philippines is challenging homemakers by trying the PanaLONG Lasting Challenge, just by using 1 Joy Kinsenas Pack (45ml), with the claim that it will last up to 15 days. How is it possible? Add a cup of water in the basin, drop a 25 centavo sized Joy in it and dissolve. JoyKinsenas1
I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish this challenge. I’m the type who doesn’t like to dilute my Joy, plus I want it really bubbly. I also admit that I am wasteful when it comes to using soap, but since it is the kitchen and dining ware is where we cook and eat our food, it is fine with me, as it is better to be safe.
Day 7 comes and I was kind of anxious already as my Joy Kinsenas Pack is already halfway finished. I finished the PanaLONG Lasting Challenge with flying colors. Yes, indeed it could last 15 days, as long as we follow how to use it. It made me realize as well, that it can be bubbly even if I only use a 25 centavos sized liquid soap. Now, I will be able to save more because I don’t need to keep on buying soap, plus Joy Kinsenas Pack is only P10.50! Imagine that!
I’ve finished the PanaLONG Lasting Challenge and I was able to prove that #PanalongLasting talaga ang #JoyKinsenasPack at hindi ito fake news! See for yourself, go try it na!

Joy Kinsenas Pack is available at all leading supermarkets and your neighborhood sari-sari stores. You can also buy any Joy products via SHOPEE (Shop it here!)



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