Drink Healthy, Support Farmers with Bayani Brew

This Father’s Day, I want our Dada to be healthier and stronger for Coco and I. So I encouraged him to drink one of my favorite drinks, the @bayanibrew. Buti na lang he liked it too. We both love the Lemongrass Pandan flavor and we like it super duper chilled!2021_0612_21090400-01
Bayani Brew‘s story isn’t new to me as I’ve been connected to Gawad Kalinga since college days. There story amazes me and continue to inspire me through the years. Happy that in one way or another, I was able to help out GK in building houses, connecting to the people in their community, as well as their livelihood. Bayani Brew started because of the hospitality of one of the GK communities, as they served freshly brewed drinks wrung from native leaves like tanglad and pandan to their thirsty volunteers and visitors, which from the stories of their elders who brew the same drink would keep you strong and ward off all sorts of diseases and poof! Because of the Brew Crew, as they call themselves, it became the sustainable start-up social enterprise it is today.bayanibrew1
What’s in a Bayani Brew and how it is healthy? These are the flavors of my favorite ready-to-drink farm fresh tea – sweet potato leaves, lemongrass pandan, lemongrass turmeric, moringa dalandan, and lemongrass ginger. Thee healthy homegrown goodness of Bayani Brew are all farm fresh tisane inspired by Filipino heritage tsaa recipes made from organically-grown local ingredients, which are mostly grown at the GK Enchanted Farm.
Each bottle of Bayani Brew is rich in Vitamins and Minerals that can actually help strengthen your immunity and is also has lesser sugar and calories. It is definitely good for our body. If you look at it closely, lemongrass or tanglad is traditionally for cleansing, while sweet potato leaves or kamote tops, are reach in anti-oxidants and iron. Moringa or malunggay is rich in antioxidants and is perfect for lactating moms and dalandan is rich in vitamins A and C. Pandan helps relax body, relieve pain and uneasiness caused by the extreme heat.2021_0614_10553500
This is the Vitamin C Booster Box (Lemongrass Pandan and Lemongrass Ginger) and each bottle serves our daily Vitamin C requirement PLUS antioxidants that are antibacterial, soothes muscles, and lowers blood sugar. It currently has a promo – Buy 7 bottles, get 1 FREE for only P399! Exclusively available at www.bayanibrew.com. FREE Shipping within Metro Manila. This available until June 20, 2021.
Bayani Brew has also introduced their newest ImmuniTea Booster in town – Lemongrass Mango. Get your 100% daily Vitamin C requirement in each bottle that’s made with fresh mangoes and brewed together with lemongrass.

What I like best about Bayani Brew is that it is good for our soul as well. I’ve mentioned above that the ingredients are home-grown and is locally produced by our farmers. It feels good to know that we could help uplift our farming communities’ lives, augmenting the income of independent farmers, promoting sustainability, and responsible consumption with just 1 bottle.

Definitely, Bayani Brew puts the B in the word BAYANI.

Bayani Brew is available via their website www.bayanibrew.com, selected supermarkets, Human Nature, and Shopee (Buy it here). For more info follow their socials: Instagram / Facebook.

Note: The three photos (#2, #3 and #5) came from Bayani Brew.



  1. Oooh, tea pala ‘to. Been seeing many posts about this lately. I got curious. I’ll check out the supermarkets for them.


  2. Bayani Brew is a brand that I recall so well because of Gawad Kalinga. It also reminds me of my college days when I used to be engaged in social activities to help out GK. Am glad it still thrives until today and am excited with its different flavors.


  3. I’m not new to lemongrass but it’s the first time that I’ve heard about Bayani Brew. I wanna give it a try as it surely looks yummmm! I like that it has Turmeric (once Tita kana, Turmeric is like your BFF hahaha). In fairness, affordable siya! 😁


  4. I totally support this brand and I will make sure to grab this when I’m out and looking for something new to drink. Their flavors are super interesting and I’m like so tried of artificially flavored drinks din kasi hahaha


  5. I honestly often drink this when I was still working in Manila and it is always conveniently available at any convenience stores! I must say that their packaging has evolved and it looks better now! I bet the taste is so much better, too! Will try it again next time here!


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