Give a Special Tobelerone Gift Pack to your Toblerone Supermom!

I’ve been full time mom to Coco since day 0. Aside from being a housewife and mommying, I also ran my online business, work for my boss virtually and write for my blog. As you can see most of what I do requires me to be online almost 24/7. The thing is, I was judged and belittled with what I do. Akala nila pa-facebook-facebook lang ako the whole day.
toblerone (4)
They thought having my business online is not really a career to be proud of. 2020 pandemic came and we ended up having our kids go to school online, we “meet” our family and friends virtually, having to attend events via zoom, a lot had to work remotely from home, and everyone started their own business. Look what we have now? They are doing exactly what I have been doing all my mommyhood life. Now you know how I feel and how tired can you get. This life I’ve chosen is never easy. Who said it was?
toblerone (1)
A tired mom needs only one thing to boost their energy and spirit this #MothersDay2021. Appreciate the SUPERMOMS of your life with a bar or more of Toblerone  as it is wrapped in a very special blank pack where you can write thoughtful messages of love, appreciation and encouragement.

Hey Supermom! Remember you are doing great. Your family is doing great. They are happy. You are happy and that’s all that matters. Happy #TobleroneMothersDay, #TobleroneSuperMoms!
toblerone (2)
Shop it now at the leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide!


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