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If there is one thing that I learned in my entrepreneurship journey is that you must take risks and be flexible in whatever life has to offer you. I have been an entrepreneur all my life that grew 2 businesses. This is the only thing I knew how to do, aside from the few months of job experiences I had here and there. I am my own boss and that is what I have always wanted it to be.
jobstreet level up your career

In this journey, the unimaginable happened and I just do not know where I was going after. I had to move forward and jumpstart a new life. A new career that would not only help me grow as a person, but will let me pursue my passion, and be the person I need to be – a mother. I am not my own boss anymore, but I can still manage my own time. I graduated BA Entrepreneurship but I still had to learn things like e-commerce, quick books, and digital marketing, which were not available yet before. You see, we never stop learning and we must keep on learning and keep up with the progressive world we live in. My whole life, I never wanted not to be my own boss, but I had to be flexible, and accept the fact that I need to do so to be able to provide for our needs and most especially, my wants. It is something I need to embrace and welcome wholeheartedly in my life. I may not be managing my own business now (as it has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic), but I am still co-managing one as if it is my own, with my little team and I think that is my purpose for now.

As #MarkTwain said, “Find a job that you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ But realistically speaking, it will take a lot of time and effort before you will be able to find #JobsThatMatter to you. Why not #Levelupyourcareer today by picking up new skills that can boost your leverage as you apply for your dream job? Sign up and receive free access to certified courses with FutureLearn in collaboration with @jobstreetph, one of Asia’s leading online employment platforms and take the first step in reaching your dream job a reality. Click this link to sign up.

JobStreet exists to improve lives through better careers by helping individuals find the work that’s rewarding and that they can be passionate about, by finding companies motivated and able employees. Not only by connecting fit job seekers to hirers but also by giving a deep and wide range of career and hiring advice. Through that, they can fulfill their promise: work with passion and purpose.

I’m challenging you to join the #JobsThatMatter challenge and share your job experience on Instagram too — or rather, share your story in my comment box and inspire others!



  1. JobStreet makes job hunting way easier for many years now. Naalala ko dati some of my kakilala will go to jobfairs pa. Isn’t it nice na people can find jobs online.


  2. Hello Margaux!

    I enjoyed reading your career story. It is true that it takes time and effort to discover the career that is fulfilling for us or #JobsThatMatter.

    Anyway, just to share, I am working now as a Business Analyst in a financial research and data analytics company for 8 years already and so far, I love my job. Jobstreet paved the way for me land in this company so I think that is how impactful Jobstreet is to many of us.


  3. There are indeed a lot of opportunities online and I proudly say I enjoy these opportunities. I’ve never been the type that works for a physical office because I was a musician for most of my life. When we decided to raise a family, we decided to try other means. My husband loves his work and he still gets to do music and all that, while I have been blessed to be in a company that helps provide for our family and does not eat into my family’s precious hours. And yes, I work online, too. Been with this company for 10 years, though not through jobstreet. Just through referral by another friend.


  4. Jobstreet has helped me so much during my working years. I did get 3 jobs from my application in that platform. I am happy that they continue to grow and expand over the years and continue to help many job seekers.


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