Moji Cakes Putting the FUN in Cheesecakes

During online school days, I still prepare Coco’s snacks like he is really in school. I make sure that he is going to enjoy his snacks lalo na he gets so tired with his modules daily para ma boost ang spirit niya. Coco excitingly grabbed a pack of the new MOJI Cakes that I newly introduced to him.
MojiCakes (3)
MojiCakes (2)

He asked me if Moji means emoji and he was curious if it really has a face. Lo and behold, indeed the cakes have faces like an emoji! Kaya tuwang tuwa sya as we copied the moji faces! We look forward to opening one pack after the other just to see the next cute moji face that we can imitate. Sino kaya ang best in copycat sa amin ano?
MojiCakes (1)MojiCakes (6)

We indulge ourselves with Moji Cakes’ creamy and milky goodness, aside from the cute and kulit prints on top of its spongey cake na punong puno ng sarap. We even more enjoy study time, play time and snack time all together, ang cute-lit cute-lit kasi ng #MojiTheFunCheeseCakes. It is now a new favorite in our household! Moji Cakes didn’t just brighten up our day, but gave us a happy belly too. Have you tried it yet? If yes, I hope it did to you too!
MojiCakes (5)

Moji Cakes, the Fun Cheesecake is available at any leading supermarket nationwide. You can also shop it at SHOPEE!



  1. My brother keeps complaining when I do the grocery kasi pareparehas lang daw binibili ko every month. Hahahaha I will look for this one so we can try it out! I would like to commend you mamsh for preparing his snacks the same way you do nung normal pa ung schooling. Medyo kelangan ng extra effort for kids to adapt talaga sa new normal. 👏👏


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