Toothless Diaries: 2nd-4th Tooth Out

This blog actually took 10 months before it was published as I waited for Coco’s next 3 tooth to fall off. Sharing here Coco’s journey to being toothless. Hope it can also shed light if you have similar concerns. If you have other questions just comment and I might be able to help you. 

April 15, 2020

Coco’s 2nd (left) lower central incisor finally loosen up 4 months after the first one. Then we noticed that his permanent tooth was already sprouting, eh his tooth was still there. I’m afraid that his tooth won’t grow properly and end up sungki like mine.
I immediately messaged my dentist friend, Doc Anna. It got me worried also because as you can see in the picture, its size looks like it is for two. She told me to not worry because Coco’s jaws will still grow to accommodate bigger permanent teeth and the tooth growing at the back will eventually move forward because the tongue and mouth movement will bring it to its correct position. She also advised us to not pull it out on our own, despite our panic with the new tooth. It might hurt Coco and create more injury to his gums.

May 2, 2020
It all started with a hotdog. Coco was eating hotdog for lunch and his tooth fell out when he took a bite. This ended the 3-week journey of his 2nd tooth. He wasn’t that toothless this time because the permanent tooth already sprouted. I took a top shot as well so you can see how it looks like with the permanent tooth.

May 29, 2020
Coco told me that he thinks the first incisor permanent tooth was moving. I told him at first that he was just hallucinating about it. But when I checked, it was. I again consulted my friend, Doc Anna and she said that since his tooth has just erupted, the roots hasn’t fully formed yet. Add to that, his second permanent tooth was trying to find his place, so I guess that affects the first one. Doc Anna advised us to tell Coco to not touch it and just let it be and stabilize.

July 20, 2020
Coco finally felt that his first upper tooth (right central incisor) moved. It doesn’t progress until more than 2 weeks later. Finally, the bottom central incisors are positioned better now.

September 20, 2020
It has been two months since the first movement of his first upper tooth. It has finally started to loosen up (mas mauga na) but not to a point that it can be pulled out anytime.

November 20, 2020
Another two months has passed and we still have this tooth intact. It is almost about to go actually but no one has the guts to pull it off. I tried. But I wasn’t able to do it. We will just count days.

November 25, 2020
5 days after, Dada tried his luck in pulling his very very loosen tooth. I’m kind of worried about this tooth because of all his tooth, this is the one that has a little yellow cavity on the side, which showed early this year I think. I’m worried because it might cause toothache. I’m glad it is now gone.

November 27, 2020
His new tooth is already peeking to my dismay. Haha. I wanted him to experience having 2 front teeth gone, just like when I was 8 years old. The other one has no signs of movement just yet.

Edit: Night time: Fake news pala. No tooth is sprouting.

December 19, 2020
His 2nd upper central incisor has started to move. No update from the tooth that was last one out.

December 24, 2020
Took a photo of Coco, realized it look like me, both at almost 8 years old. We look alike right?

February 1, 2021
There is still no sign of the upper central incisor coming out. But the other one’s movement is more loose now.

February 18, 2021
Two days before today, his tooth has been very loose like it can almost flip. But he doesn’t want us to touch it or pull it out. But today he has mentioned that it kind of aches so his dada tried to pull it out but it didn’t push through. Coco made it to classes, did his modules, napped and when he woke up and it really hurts, his dada pulled it out right there and then. No more aching. He now doesn’t have his two front tooth.

February 23, 2021
No update yet from his first upper incisor and I think it will grow back in a year, just like mine. LOL But to finally end this blog, dropping another Coco vs Mommy picture, during the time I didn’t have my 2 front tooth.

Based on my photo album, it seems that it took around 10 months before my first upper incisor came out but the second one sprouted a few months after. Let’s see how long before Coco’s front tooth comes out again.



  1. My eldest son had this one baby tooth that just won’t come off until the dentist just took it out last December (he’s 15) so he can finally have braces, haha.
    My youngest son naman had grown teeth behind his lower teeth before kasi sobrang tibay naman ng baby teeth. Eventually, the baby teeth fell off but that was so scary for me at first, cause there’s a condition similar to that and I was afraid he had it.


  2. Having a great set of teeth is the biggest asset we can have. Ang mahal kaya ng dental services!
    Now I’m curious how much did he receive from his tooth fairy? hehehe


  3. I clearly remember how my son’s two front teeth got pulled out. He was playing and accidentally bit the side of our living room couch. I kept those teeth for a while before finally disposing them of. By the way, Coco is really your mini-me!


  4. Ang tyaga mo din ma mag document. Actually, isa to sa mga worry ko kay summer. Sana talaga maganda ang tubo ng ngipin nya


  5. That’s a nice idea, how I wish I could do the same thing withy daugther but it’s too late she already passed this stage. I am glad you find time doing this with COCO… he’s growing up na time goes so fast.


  6. It is amazing that kids got excited for these special events. Hehe. And kudos to you for documenting it. Galing… Now, where’s the tooth fairy? Haha.


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