Gardenia Plant Tour goes Online

What used to be normal are field trips of kids, whether it was school organized or just parents wanting to bring their kids out for adventures. One of the popular destinations in the South, and the field trips I remember having back when I was younger, is going to the Gardenia Plant. Though it isn’t the plant that I went to as a child and I’ve always wanted to bring Coco here or I’ve been secretly wishing that his old school will bring their students there.

But then Covid, kids can’t go out and every place that are kid-related, that kids can go to, permanently or temporarily closed. And of course, site visits to the Gardenia Plant were also put to halt. Almost a year after, we get to try to do a virtual site visit at the Gardenia Plant via Zoom.

It was a 40 minute session that was divided into 4 parts – the bread-making tour, healthy eating, washing our hands and Kusina ni Gardenia.

The first part was the plant tour itself, where in our friend Gardee, tells us a story of how our Gardenia breads are made.

Gardee showed us the step by step process of bread making, the machines that they used, the complete process from mixing dough,  cooling dough, quality inspection making sure it is of high quality, slicing, packing to dispatching. Plus the assurance that the whole bread making process is not touched by human hands and is produced in a clean and sanitized environment.

Next part talks about healthy eating, the three food groups and pinggang pinoy which is actually Coco’s lesson in his Health class. Kids must have strong resistance to fight virus and bacteria.

They also talked about hand washing since it is very important that kids will be reminded about it from time to time.


Gardenia has different kinds of breads, not just plain loaves, but loaves with flavors. They also have buns and other kinds of breads that are all delicious and nutritious, which is filled with vitamins and minerals, essential for growing kids.

For the last part, the showed a recipe that can be incorporated with Gardenia. You also check the Gardenia Website for more recipes.

Book your Mommy Group or Child’s class for a FREE Gardenia Online Plant Tour by registering here.

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