#GanaBeHealthy, Give Propan TLC

I must admit, since modular learning has started 3 months ago, our play time and bonding has lessened. We don’t have enough energy to do other things, especially that we have other things to be done throughout the day. Seriously, even during meal times, we feel so tired and have no gana at all.propan1

A full day of doing modules entails energy that can last throughout the day. How we achieve that? Simply by preparing a well balanced meal for Coco and making sure he has well-rested body. But you know what, sometimes, it isn’t enough. Papano na lang kung wala siyang GANA to eat?propan4

Supplementing with Propan TLC to give Coco a GANA-filled appetite surely helped in boosting and maintaining his appetite. #AngSarapKumain pala daw talaga! With that, he now has a GANA-filled day! He didn’t only enjoy finishing his modules, but he could also do other things that can make him a happier child, aka playing, watching TV, and practice his building skills.propan2

Propan TLC, an orange-flavored multi-vitamin supplement with Lysine, and B Vitamins plus 100% RENI Vitamin C and other essential nutrients for your child’s well-being and overall growth and development. Lysine and B Vitamins is responsible in boosting and maintaining your child’s appetite and energy. Chlorella Growth Factor and Vitamin D enhances your child’s growth. Taurine helps your child’s brain development. Vitamin A and E enhances eyesight and promotes healthier skin. Lastly, Vitamin C for boosting your child’s immunity. It is mom-approved and definitely, doctor-recommended.propan3

Propan TLC is recommended to children 1 to 12 years old and is highly recommended to be taken once a day after breakfast. It is available in 60ML, 120MML and 250ML bottles. Propan TLC is available at all leading drugstores, or BeautyMNL – https://bit.ly/2BGlm1S and Watsons – https://bit.ly/3hXOguopropan5

Does your kids also take Propan TLC? Share naman your child’s ma-GANA stories because of Propan TLC! To learn more, check out Propan TLC’s Facebook Page.


  1. Yes, maganda talaga ang propan TLC. nakakatulong pampagana sa mga kids. Lalo na sa panahon ngayon na kelangan nila nang mas malakas na resistensiya. Highly recomended vitamins.


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