TAPAkasarap Silog Meals with Purefoods Beed and Chicken Tapa

Ultimate favorite Pinoy breakfast you mean? Beef tapa has always been my favorite, with its mandatory sinangag, kamatis, pipino at suka na may sili. But to create the perfect tapsilog, it should be Purefoods Beef Tapa! Alamo yun… pag naaalala ko na I have tapa sa ref, na eenganyo ako to wake up early, even if I worked all night just to eat my tapsilog. Totally ready to face my full day ahead pag yun ang breakfast ko eh… or brunch! Craving satisfied!
purefoods tapa 8purefoods tapa 7

With Purefoods Tapa, I didn’t really need to frequent our neighborhood tapsilogan, especially now that their availability are limited. Purefoods Tapa has always been my choice because of its meaty-tender and delicious goodness, plus it has always given us a meaty sarap-busog breakfast. Purefoods Tapa truly is TAPAkasarap!
purefoods tapa 3purefoods tapa 4

But wait there’s more! Have a new and unique tapa experience with Purefoods Chicken Tapa na sing sarap din ng beef! Purefoods Chicken Tapa is a first in the retail market and is currently showing at par performance with the Beef Tapa. Swear! Ang sarap! It is as tender, as delicious and as flvorful. It’s my first time to try it! Highly recommended!
purefoods tapa 1purefoods tapa 2

Why not make your own #TAPAkasarap Silog meals at home, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.. pwede ding merienda or midnight snack! Anytime pwede! Tara, share this experience with me! Solid!
purefoods tapa 6purefoods tapa 5
Purefoods Beef and Chicken Tapa are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online via The Mall by San Miguel, Lazada and Shopee (Beef Tapa and Chicken Tapa)


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