Secret Revealed with Dutch Mill’s Soy Secretz

Reading has always been my “me time”. It is the scent of my books that relaxes me. When I had my son, I read physical books lesser and lesser and shifted to e-books.

As I grew dependent on my mobile phone not just for fun (e-books, social media, movie streaming and candy crush) but also for work. I realized the very need to take care of my eye sight.

Telling you one of my little secretz! Nowadays, I’m really fond of drinking Dutch Mill Soy Secretz. Coincidently, I loved drinking its sweet corn variant, which contains Lutein that may help promote eye health and Vitamin A that helps to maintain eye vision. Perfect, right?

Other variants include Japanese Rice that contains GABA and Vitamin B12, which help reduces anxiety, relax our brain and improve our memory; while Chocolate Hazelnut that contains Vitamin E that helps protect cells in the body, perfect for those with actice lifestyle. Dutch Mill Soy Secretz has 0% cholesterol, 0g trans fat, lactose free, and uses NON-GMO Soybeans which is also suitable for vegetarians! See how it is not only sooyummy? But also sooo healthy too!

Now you know my SecretZ. Go grab yours now and chill!


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