Create Magic Moments at Home with Magic Junior

Due to the pandemic restrictions, we’ve been trying our best to make our kids happy, healthy and active. We do different activities with them to reduce boredom, for them to learn and of course, to bond with them. I was inspired to make my everyday bonding moments with Coco even more magical.

Kaya ito, while we are playing his favorite game, we also enjoy a bite or two… or more of our favorite sarap-goodness and crunchy crackers of Magic Junior na ngayon ay mas lalong yumazingly affordable that you can buy for only Php3.00 SRP sa suking sari-sari stores!

Magic Junior
is Magic Crackers’ junior-sized cracker snacks perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. Available in plain crackers and in chocolate, condensada, and butter & berry cream-filled cracker sandwiches flavors.

Kaya turo ko palagi ay dapat good sport lang! Dibale ng hindi nanalo sa game, ang importante ay siguradong magical ang bonding namin araw-araw dahil win na win naman kami sa aming Magic Junior!
Kayo, why don’t you create #MagicMoments with your kids with Magic Junior too! Can’t wait to see yours!

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