Give your Baby the Gentlest Care with the Johnson’s Gentle Protection Kit

In a time when we have a hard time to rely on the medical experts that we trust, for fear of the virus that may compromise both our ends, we still have to ensure the protection that our children, especially those with babies, need and it is all up to us, the parents.
The Johnson’s School of Gentle curated this Gentle Protection Kit plus giving tips that will help parents provide gentlest care to their children – from trimming the baby’s nails, cleaning baby’s nose and ears without discomfort, giving medicine, combing their hair, brushing their tongue, what to do when the baby has fever, changing diapers, and most importantly, using Johnson’s Cotton Touch bath and lotion that can give your baby 100% Gentle Skin Protection against redness, dryness, irritation, germs and pollution; Johnson’s Baby Oil to improve your baby’s skin barrier protection, that you can also use to massage when they are feeling uneasy. Remember, touch therapy is the best way to ease a baby’s distress; Johnson’s Summer Blooms Baby Powder to keep your baby feeling fresh and relaxed; and Johnson’s Baby Fragrance Free Wipes, clinically proven mild formula of rich moisturizing agents ideal for sensitive, newborn skin. 20200924_215908[1]
In the last few months, Johnson’s through Johnson’s School of Gentle provided a series of Facebook Live sessions from topics that ranges from pregnancy, newborn, growing kids and active kids. Experts shared tips and addressed different concerns of parents about how to parent, and take care of our family’s health in this new normal life. Just head over to the Johnson’s Baby PH Facebook page to re-watch these episodes.DSCF7891-01[2]
It is important that we know the basics of how to provide gentle protection to our children and we have Johnson’s, a brand recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists as a trusted and reassuring partner in keeping our babies safe and protected.




  1. Ang cute naman ng Johnson’s Gentle Protection Kit! Like the packaging. But what’s more important here is the company’s goal to align its products with the current pandemic crisis. Am sure this would be a hit among moms and should be a must-have in every household.


  2. we’ve been using johnson cotton touch bath soap for my baby for a year now and i can say it is a good product. it is gentle on his skin. Nice gentle protection kit. 🙂


  3. You know, yung mga Johnson’s products give me that nostalgic feeling. Siguro kasi ever since I was young, it’s the top choice brand for babies ng mom ko. Growing up and having two younger brothers, yung Johnson talaga yung laging naaalala ko even when I reached highschool, Johnson brand yung pinakaunang cologne ko pa. HAHAHA 😀 Anyway, that’s a short story how this brand always has a special place in my heart. Must haves na nga yata to in every household. 🙂


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