Make your Home #BangongAmoyMalinis with Albatross

Not only having a clean home is a must, it should be #BangongAmoyMalinis as well. That is why for that we have always relied on Albatross products through the years.

As a young child, I’ve always wondered what it was, as it was hanging by the sink or toilet of our bathroom. And I would actually see it in any comfort room I go – the malls, restaurants, and cinemas.
Albatross Deo Block has this distinct scent that any person who would smell it, would know what it is. It can deodorize and freshen up the bathroom for a long period of time. It has scents like sampaguita, lemon, samba, jasmine (in photo) and apple, strawberry and melon.
Living beside inconsiderate neighbors with smelly pets, with my complaints that didn’t matter, I had to adjust for us to have a better living situation. Albatross Scented Gel has been our life saver as it can eliminate unpleasant odor. With its slick and stylish packaging, you can actually put it anywhere in your home to keep your place smelling fresh and more comfortable to live in.
Coco puts one in his room and he would enjoy a good night sleep since the lavender scent has a calming effect. Coco loves this lavender scented gel, as he says “it makes him sleep well and its the best thing every invented“! It also have apple, tropical fruit and cherry blossom scents. It has an adjustable case to control aroma strength and its fragrance can last up to 30 days.

Spending time at home nowadays will definitely feel and smell better with products like these. Albatross Deodorizer Block and Albatross Scented Gel are a must have in every home. Sanitize and clean your bathroom as well with Albatross Toilet Cleaner, as well has, other PhilUSA products like Gleam Liquid Sosa and Gleam Muriatic Acid. Go get them in leading supermarkets nationwide. It is also available in Lazada.

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  1. The different fragrances of Albatross that you mentioned sounds promising! I have a dog at home so it is nice to know that there is something that can help lessen her smell. Thank you for sharing this post!


  2. We also have albatross products at home ❤️ Ang fresh nito sa buong bahay, parang laging bagong linis bahay namin. Tuwang tuwa din kids ko sa amoy ng paligid ng bahay namin 💯


  3. We also love the lavander too kasi nakakarelax talaga. It’s always nice to sleep and stay in our homes with fragrance like this.


  4. Wow, ang daming Albatross! We are now using the Tropical Fruit scented gel of Albatross. Ang bango niya and it lifts up my mood.


  5. Oh, this brings back so many memories, haha! Growing up, my mom would also always have one in the bathroom and I at first didn’t know what it was for. All I knew was that our bathroom always smelled so fresh! That scented gel sounds tempting to get haha!


  6. The lavender scent is what I used in most of our rooms, and sampaguita scent is for our bathroom. Albatross is also affordable!


  7. I always love going home to a house that does not only look clean but also smells clean! Thank you for this, will definitely try 😀


  8. Hala OMG I’m so old na and ngayon ko lang nalaman na yung Albatross is a brand name hahaha i always thought na albatross is yung bilog para sa comfort room 😀 omg sasabihin ko to kay mama, im sure pagtatawanan ako non hahaha 😀


  9. Ang galing how this brand has become a staple in every home and almost any establishments! Nakikita ko rin yun sa mga public bathrooms. I’m glad to know they have something that can be used for rooms na rin. 😀


  10. Now that’s a lot! My family has been using Albatross for a long time now. This is why we trust the brand since then.


  11. Albatros user na kami at love the lavender scent. Nakaka relax ang amoy lalo pag papasok ka ng house after from 8 hours of work


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