#HappyTummiesOnly with Erceflora Probibears

It’s almost been 2 years since Coco has been taking Erceflora Probibears. Protecting his tummy has never been easy because of this chewable, bear-shaped vanilla tablet (more like chocolate-ish) that he takes every single day.

Remember that when your kids take Erceflora Probibears, it enhances the good bacteria in their stomach, modulates the tummy’s immune system, and helps improve overall digestive health, ensuring us that our kids’ tummies are well-protected.

Kayo mga mommies, nag titake din ba ng Erceflora Probibears yung mga kids niyo?

Watch Coco’s unboxing here.



  1. Ang cuuuuute talaga ni Coco, ang bibo pa! ❤️ May mga baby din kame sa bahay, a toddler and an infant. Yung toddler namin sobrang likot at matakaw and feeling ko kailangan din niya ng extra boost and protection because kung ano kinakain. I would open Erceflora Probibears up with his parents, Thank you for the recommendation! 😊


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