How to Teach your Child to Tie his Shoe Laces

Glad to have time to teach some life skills to this boy. He has been independently dressing himself up even before he has turned 2 years old. He picks his own OOTD and dresses himself up, most of the time!

I never thought of teaching him to tie his shoe laces because I thought I would just be stressed. So one tip is that teach them when you think they are ready and they are interested to try. Because if they are not, the would not put their heart on it. They will most likely lose patience. But if they are ready, they might think of it as a goal that they’d want to achieve. Most importantly, make learning to tie fun!
Coco has been accustomed of wearing velco snaps or slip ons, so I don’t have to worry about his untied shoelaces, as well as so he could prepare on his own. We still had pairs with shoe lace though, and yes, I tie it for him.

Now that he is 7 years old, he should start tying them on his own. I taught him to tie his shoe laces using this wooden toy shoe and he easily became a shoe lace tying master!
I’m so happy that I really didn’t have a hard time teaching him. Readiness and being interested is really the key!

Here you can watch his attempts on learning how to tie them shoe laces!


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  1. When I was 6-8, the next time you’d notice my footwear with shoe laces, it is either randomly knotted on an instant or tied properly. I always let my dad do it for me. Teach ’em young talaga 😀


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