KDrama: Life Lessons from Reply 1988

It’s been 4 weeks since I finished watching Reply 1988 and honestly, I can’t seem to move on. I even just finished watching it for the second time at this very moment that I am writing this. It just hit me to the core… so bad!


It felt really nostalgic. It felt like I was also there, I was alive in that moment. Even if I wasn’t and even if I was just 2 years old back then. It feels like their families were mine. Even if it wasn’t. I felt myself in each one of them. I felt everything, most especially their friendship. This Kdrama is all sorts of emotions. Nope, all my emotions exploded. I totally fell in love with Reply 1988 – with Deok Sun, Taek, Sun Woo, Bo Ra, Jung Hwan, Don Ryong, Jung Bong, No eul, Jin Joo and their parents. All of them.Reply1988Epi1-2

Reply 1988 follows the lives of 5 friends and their tightly-knit families who lives in the same block called Ssangmun in Dobbong District, Seoul.ssamundongsquad

It is a nostalgic look back of their life’s most memorable moments and struggles when they were 18 years old.

Read on for everything that I learned and realized…

1. There is no such thing as a perfect parent because along the way they could make mistakes too. They worry about how to raise their children, what to teach them and how to shape them into the person they want them to be too. But what we know is that, all parents will do their best.. nothing but the best for their children.Reply1988Epi1

2. When we lose someone we love, it will always hurt a lot. We will always miss them, every single day of our lives that we don’t have them by our side. The pain, it will never go away, we will just endure it. We will move forward, but we will never forget.Reply1988Epi2

3. Money isn’t everything. Don’t ruin your relationship over money. Not worth it.Reply1988Epi3

4. It is okay to lose sometimes. It’s all part of the game. The most important thing about it is that you learn from it and you’ll do better next time.Reply1988Epi4

5. No matter how old you are, you will always need your mom. No matter how many times they scold you for being so irresponsible, they will always want to be needed.Reply1988Epi5

6. There’s nothing more magical than your first love. But your first heartbreak is something else…Reply1988Epi6

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself… you may think you are not good enough for your the people that you love, but you know, in their eyes, you are more than enough. Before it’s too late, tell the people you love that you love them. Tell it to them so often, before it’s too late.Reply1988Epi7

8. In a world where you can be anything, choose to always be kind. Why? Because you’ll never know what a person has been going through in their life. You might just be the person that can lift their spirits up because of the kindness that you shared.Reply1988Epi8

9. He will not give you anything you will not endure. But you know, sometimes you don’t have to endure it on your own.Reply1988Epi9

10. Running away won’t solve anything. Communication will always be the key.Reply1988Epi10

11. Don’t raise your standards so high on your children. Just let them be themselves. Don’t pressure them into something they are not. Let them be or do something that they are good at. Just trust them with what they can do. They’ll make it. Why? Because it is you who raised them!Reply1988Epi11

12. Moms will give their children everything.. even if they suffer, as long they can. They will do anything for us, because they want nothing but the best for us. It’s just how moms are.Reply1988Epi12

13. Fathers may be tough on the outside, but really, they are really soft in the inside. They endure all the aches because they have to protect the people they love.Reply1988Epi13

14. Everyone is worth of love — to love and be loved.Reply1988Epi14

15. Parents will never give up on their child. They will always love them, no matter what.Reply1988Epi15

16. If you love someone, tell them. Tell them before it is too late. On the other hand, what weighs more to you, friendship or love? It’s up to you to decide.Reply1988Epi16

17. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to be at 19. You have a lifetime to get to know more about yourself. But then again… Don’t forget to dream, you know, you can always find your dream.Reply1988Epi17

18. Fate and timing doesn’t happen by coincidence. It will always be about the choices you will make. It will always be up to you. It will happen if you don’t hesitate and start to do something about it.Reply1988Epi18

19. When things are dark, remember you are not alone. You will always have your family and friends with you by your side.Reply1988Epi19

20. It will always be a great feeling to look back on the days when we were young. Those times are all beautiful, especially when shared with great people in our life. These are the moments we have to treasure the most. It is what built us. It is what made us who we are now. It is our youth.Reply1988Epi20-8







Honestly, it took me 10 days to finally start this post. I stopped and re-watch the episodes again, because as I have said earlier, I just can’t move on. The feelings are all raw. It took me also, I think, 3 weeks to finish its 20 episodes because I just don’t want it to end. I just want to be in their world, in their era.Reply1988Epi2-2

But like the Ssangmun-dong Squad, I also have to move on with the memories created and shared. It is just so hard, I feel like when I finally click PUBLISH it would just end. But all beautiful things end and somehow, I will bring this with me for a long, long time. I hope you do too.Reply1988Epi20-9

Today is Day 15 since I started this post. And I’m finally hitting the PUBLISH button now and formally saying GOOD BYE YOUTH…. GOOD BYE Ssangmun.Reply1988Epi20-10

Watch REPLY 1988 via NETFLIX

Spoiler NOT Spoiler: This is Deok Sun and Taekky in 2015 (Age: 45)Reply1988Epi20-6-

Isa pa =)Reply1988Epi
Photos 1 and 3 were Googled. All the screenshots are from Netflix.

Read Reply 1994 too.



  1. I started with the first episode but I stopped because I only have time to watch while working (yep I multi-task and thank God I’m still able to deliver what is expected from me at my job) and I need the subtitles so yeah. I will re-start watching it again, thanks to the positive reviews like yours online. ❤️


    • Mukhang maganda tong kdramas na eto momsh. I will try to watch this too.😊 Because on your blog it seems beautiful and nice kdramas.😊😍


  2. Di ka pa po napanood to momsh, pero parang gusto ko siyang panoorin, now na! 😊😅 gusto ko ung ganitong kwento, ung about sa family, friends.. Lahat ng emotions, mapi feel mo.. 👍👌💕


  3. Waaahhh… namiss ko bigla ang Ssangmun-dong Squad. Honestly, Reply 1988 was not included sa list ng mga fave k-drama ko, pero kapag tinanong ako kung ano mga dramang nakapagpaiyak sa akin isa siya sa mababanggit ko. Relatable kasi yung story… family, friends, first love, first heartbreaks, youth, dreams and so on.


  4. I thought for a sec about that one guy who looks familiar. Di ko alam name but the one from the drama series Encounter…I think?? Anyway, I keep on hearing this series sa brother ko and he says na I should watch it. Hindi kase ako super faney ng Kdrama kaya di ako naeexcite unless pagka nadadala ako sa pinapanood ng kapatid ko or sa hype online. “Everyone is worth of love– to love and be loved” TRUEE!


  5. I was a little cautious on reading every parts po since I haven’t watched it yet. Hehe! Reading these lessons made me want to watch it even more! Lalo na andon po si Park Bo Gum! Aaaaa 💗 Can’t wait! Thank you for sharing this!


  6. To be honest, I really have a soft spot for shows like this. Some Korean films just make me sob like a baby!! I don’t know if I have the guts to watch something like this again. Just by reading your blog post, it honestly makes me feel weak. Anyway, thanks for a great read 🙂


  7. Loving this series. I just recently got hooked into korean drama, i heard a lot of this series its one of the highest rated tvn series i ignored coz its 80s era vibe but once i finish the first ep i can easily judge this is a good series


  8. At first,i thought Reply 1988 is a radio station hehe. Reading and browsing your post for the glimpse of this series is making me emotional. A family-oriented show really softens my heart, probably because there’s a lot of topics we ca relate onto.


  9. I don’t really follow kdramas (though my sister is super addicted to it 😁) but based on your review, Reply 1988 seems like a good series to watch since you can pick up tons of moral lessons from it. I also believe that you will always need your mom no matter how old you are. I’m in my early thirties and I still seek my mom for advice, visit her whenever I can and I still fret whenever I miss a call from her (hahaha). 😊


  10. I honestly haven’t heard about this kdrama. But I love lesson number 5. OMG that is soooo true! No matter how we age, we’ll forever look for our moms.


  11. I really relate to this post. It’s been a few years since I’ve watched the series, but the pictures and your lesson pull the memories from my mind. I miss the characters and I kinda miss the old simple times with my friends. I wish I could have that back in some way.


  12. Walang magmomove on! Sobrang tagos din sa akin ng series na to! I want to be their friend and kapitbahay too! Gusto ko ding makibarkada sa kanila. I will never forget sangmundong neighborhood. Miss ko na sila!


  13. Nakakaadik panoorin, bes! Tbh, na bored ako jung una, but thankfully binigyan ko sya ng chance. At ayunnnn! Tapos na second lead syndrome ako dito mygasss! Pero oks lang dating naman sila in real life! Hehe. Kaya pala grabe chemistry ng Deoksun-Jung Hwan totoo na palaaaaa! Pero can’t get over talaga sa mga smiles ni Park Bo Gum mygasssss!💓💓💓


    • Hahahahaha sakin nga walangs econd lead parang bida lahat for me. I cant deside who i want for deok sun eh. I just love them all and sobrang minahal ko na si park bo gum. Sarap i baby hahahahhahahahahaha


  14. My thoughts on this series —- Well, it doesn’t matter if we all are #TeamTaek or #TeamJungHwan, I am just so glad to witness that this drama wasn’t confined beyond boundaries and went above their limits, I was really hooked that I really have no chance to think about that there was a second lead or a main lead but all of them. I’m going to think of them and miss all so much and so their humble homes and community — the worst feeling. I’m not being sarcastic but this is really a rare show wherein friendship and family ties risen in the occasion. The show may have ended, but I will always wonder about them. How can I start watching other films? HAHA. Fate brings them together no matter how long time separated them. So, maybe someday in the future, I may come across and I’ll ask myself how I think they’re now and guess if they’ve became a different person. I’m still trying to move on from this drama although it’s already a month since I finished watching it. I’m very shallow so give me this one. Reply 1988 will always have a special place in my heart. Mehehe (Where’s the goat in the series?)


    • I agree with you. Sobrang tagal nito sa draft ko kasi i hindi ko ma publish kailangan ko na mag move forward ganun. This is one of the kind and literally the best one sa lahat. Im missing them so much as well. Di ko din naisip if taek or jung hwan ako i just love them all hahahahahahhaa tuwang tuwa akonsa reunion nila recently and yeah where is the goat hahahahhaa


  15. I havent seen this yet and wanted to see it! It feels like a sad series but thanks for the life lessons! I didnt read through all baka ma spoil sakin because i want to see it!


  16. Hanggang ngayon di ko pa din mumsh napapanood, di ko pa tapos yung isang pinapanood ko, pero seeing the pictures parang feeling ko napanood ko na sya di ko lang maalala.


  17. i watched this series and find it relatable which makes me want to get together and bond with my childhood friends in the island of Samar where i grow up


  18. I’ve seen a lot of great feedback about Reply 1988. I haven’t watched it because I’m not a fan of series with old setting. But with this review, I pushed it on the top spot of my kdramas to watch.


  19. I love that you enumerated your realizations instead of simply telling the plot to your readers. They are all meaningful and with substance but what struck me the most was number 2 because I just lost my dad last March and the pain is always there.
    Anyway, may there be more Kdrama reviews like this that tackle on different values.


  20. i haven’t watched this yet but this has been recommended soooo many times! i was 12 in 1988, hahaha. you were only 2, whoa!!! by the way, how can you screenshot form Netflix? I had been trying to but not allowed. plsss I need to know how:-)


  21. Alright, I’m convinced na. Papanoorin ko na talaga Reply 1988 series. Thanks for sharing this beautiful life lessons! My favorite is being kind in a world where we can be anything ❤️


  22. Mommy, I only skimmed this blogpost kasi I am halfway on watching it. Super takot akong ma-spoil! Pero I swear I will leave my thoughts about it here.


  23. I loved it! Reply 1988 left a pinch in my heart! Feeling their youth and walk in life which we all experience as well. I wil never forget this drama and will keep on watching it over and over again!😍


  24. Me too. 😭
    Parang di ko gusto na mag end yung story.
    Sabik akong manood pero parang ayoko matapos yung episodes. Super duper nice 🥰
    All in one na.
    Totong mga realizations at lessons sa buhay.
    Nakaka inggit yung friendship na meron sila at kung paano sila nag grow individually habang nka attach parin sila sa kung ano at saan sila nanggaling. 💕 10/10 for me💞


  25. […] A feel-good K-Series of all time! It is way too good to keep it myself so I told my friends to watch this ASAP. It was released in 2015, directed by Shin Won Ho. It tackled about five childhood bestfriends, who live in Ssangmundong. It gave me an overview of how was the world in 1980s. There are also a numerous lessons that was encapsulated in the whole series. “There is no such thing as a perfect parent because along the way they could make mistakes too. “ “Running away won’t solve anything. Communication will always be the key.” Know more at https://wanderwomom.com/2020/07/08/kdrama-life-lessons-from-reply-1988/. […]


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