Play and Learn with 4D Gummy


Coco loves to play and I have always encourage him to play, never mind the mess that comes with it. In a world where technology has been a huge part of our life, of our kids’ life, I am happy that even if he has his days when he would watch and sing for few hours, at the end of the day, he would still always choose to play. I’ve always believe that when one plays, they are also learning.

Learn through play

Even as a baby, I’ve always used finger food to teach Coco – colorful cereals, chocolate candies, gummies, chocolate balls – name it, I’ve used it – to teach him colors, numbers, shapes and a lot more. Even now that he is already a grade school kid, we still use this as a study tool, especially for his math lessons in addition and subtraction, greater/less than and equal, for example.

Create more memories

Need not to go far, we just eat our favorite gummies while, sharing stories, reading a book together or watching a film. There’s no other way to have fun but to share a bite of this yummy treat. It is now really a part of our little bonding activities, that I hope Coco will always cherish, as he grows older.

Activate imagination and creativity

Building blocks has always been Coco’s favorite toy and I really splurge on it and that was what really enticed me to buy 4D Gummy Blocks. Coco was able to build a lot of structures from tiny houses, little buildings, different animals and even a spaceship! Imagination runs wild. This gummy blocks are enough to spark creativity. He loved playing with his gummy blocks, as much as he loved eating it.

Indeed, we could have so much fun and create more memories even if we are just at home. Grab a pack of 4D Gummy on your next grocery visit. PS. We also have 4D Gummy packs as baon whenever we go out.

4D Gummy Blocks
and Fruits are available in supermarkets and 7-11 stores nationwide. They are also available in Lazada, just click this link to buy.

Also follow their socials: Facebook | Instagram

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