We took this photo exactly a week ago. It was an ordinary sunny day when we decided to play outdoors. I realized it was a great day that day that’s why I didn’t hesitate to let Coco play as long as he wants. This is actually a rare time for us to come out and play because of a lot of factors. But of course, rare as it can be, I did join too and made sure to #MakeTimeForSilly as I tickle him because his laughter and giggles will always be music to my ear.

Today, we start the 1 month community quarantine that our government decided to #FlattenTheCurve and to fight #Covid19. I encourage everyone to just #STAYATHOME and #OBEYTHERULES, with that we will be able to #STOPTHESPREAD. We will succeed the fight against #2019NCOV if we will all cooperate. Sad reality, one day we are out there having fun, the next, here we are, in #communityquarantine. We really don’t know what can happen next.

But now is also a time to rest, reflect, and boost our immune system. But most of all, now is the time to #MakeTimeForWhatMatters – spend time for yourself and spend time to #WhatTrulyMatters to you, your family.

Encouraging you all to join me Coco and the whole #MMCommunity as we #MakeTimeForSilly this March


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