Mommy Mundo #MakeTimeForWhatMatters Kick Off 2020

Time is gold. Time is precious. Time flies.. so fast. Actually, it is about time to #MakeTimeForWhatMatters the most. Me.

Me, Myself and I.

This is a very rare chance when I get to spend time to myself, so when opportunity strikes, I grab it with all my heart. We know how fast time is, and our kids grow up too fast and  most of the time, we don’t want to miss anything about them. But you know, it is okay to slow down and breathe. Because if you give time for yourself, you will be more present for them and you’ll be able to really be with them. #WhatReallyMatters

Thank you to my Mommy Mundo family for having me at the Kick Off Party 2020. It was great to see the whole team and of course, Janice and the whole Mommy Mundo Community for a much needed me time and mompowerment and I am so excited for everything that is in store for Mommy Mundo this 2020.

THE Mommy Mundo, Janice Villanueva
The Mompreneur Lab – Mia, couches, Sheryn, Kit and Janice, me and Vanessa
mommy friends


Don’t forget to make time for ourselves, because above all, we matter.

Photos from NEXT by MetroPhoto and Sweet Escape


One comment

  1. Awww so true when you said that moms should slow down and breathe – and allow time for yourself so that you can be more present for your child. You can’t give from an empty cup ika nga nila hehe 🙂 Glad you’re doing that!


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