Toothless Days and Care After your Child Loses his Baby Teeth

I’m very big with Coco’s milestones that I would always end up blogging about it. It’s been awhile since and now that he is turning 7 years old, the much awaited “first time to lose a tooth day” has come.
He noticed last Sunday, when I was dressing him up for the Three Kinds Parade that his tooth, the first first tooth that came out 6 years ago (his first tooth came out when he was almost 1 year old) was shaking already. I told him to just let it be.

Monday came and nothing happened. But it starts to loosen up. Tuesday came and when he arrived from school and my mom was here in our place, my mom just pulled it out from his mouth. He didn’t even notice that it was already extracted from his gums.
I thought how brave he was. I remember myself crying when the dentist was trying to extract mine from me. I was also teasing him “bungi! bungi!” and I was so surprised with his reaction. He said, “Mommy, it is okay that I am bungi, it means I’ve growing up.” I was so shookt! I just said, “Wow!”. Well, I did that to know what he will do if someone teases him and I am happy with the result. He just told me, “Because I am a big boy already!” And this momma, suddenly became sad, where did my baby boy go?

For children with healthy teeth, there isn’t really a timeline as to when they will lose their first tooth but it is usually at the age of 6 years old, which is usually the front teeth while the last to fall out are usually the molars when they are almost a teen. There s really no schedule it will go when it wants to and usually it is the first tooth that came out, will also be the first to fall out.

Did I prepare Coco for when this time would come? Actually, I don’t remember! Haha sorry! I think it may have been mentioned that his baby teeth will fall out one day and the adult teeth will come out after. We would also tell him how important it is to brush his teeth properly. At almost 7 years old, I think he still have an almost perfect set of teeth, which I am proud of because that is rare. Also, it is because he is very responsible when it comes to his hygiene. I think we also mentioned that when they become permanent, he should care for them even more because it’s going to be his set of teeth forever.
I also noticed how he was kind of not his self a few hours after he lose his tooth. He seems like quiet. He said it doesn’t hurt. But I think it would be because of the feeling he has that he just lose something inside him and he isn’t at ease with that feeling yet. I just told him that it’s going to be fine and he will be okay. After a while, he started snacking again.

How did I care for him after he first lose his baby tooth?
1. It didn’t bleed that much as what is expected. He gargled warm water and put cotton on it until he feels it stops bleeding.
2. I also told him to avoid the part of the lose tooth because it might get irritated.
3. Avoid sweets.

I asked my dentist friend, Doc Anna, what do I have to do aside from regular dentist check up and cleaning. She said to put fluoride and sealants for molars.

Believe me or not, the tooth fairy came that night and gave him a hundred bucks. Yep, he asks me if it is true and I want to be that parent that makes him experience things. He was so excited. Who am I to burst his bubble, right? One day he would realize it is not true, but at least once when he was still young, he got to “meet the tooth fairy”.
This is one of the milestones that we will always cherish as a parent. Let’s remind our child that losing a tooth is natural and it is part of growing up. Remind them of how it is even more important for proper dental care once they are out. Don’t forget to drop by the dentist every 6 months or as recommended.

Here’s a little video to remind me of this day.

PS. His first permanent tooth came out 17 days after. I’m kind of scared because it is too far from his other tooth. Doc Anna told me that it would align with his other teeth in time because this tongue and lips has force that pushes it to the correct position.20200124_101647


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