Year-end Shopping at Little Dapitan

littledapitan1I’ve been traipsing the streets of Divisoria for a decade already – because of the businesses I had through the years. But I have never been to Dapitan Arcade and I’ve always wanted to go there as I’ve heard it has the best in quality and in prices when it comes to gifts, home decors, kitchen stuff, handicrafts and a lot more.

Christmas is over but it doesn’t mean Christmas shopping is! Little Dapitan at Cloverleaf (in Balitawak) is still open, LAST 3 DAYS THOUGH! In case you didn’t know, Ayala Malls handpicked the best of Dapitan Arcade and brought it closer to us in Little Dapitan. It run from October until the end of December 2019.

We didn’t need to go far because the best and the brightest concessionaires of Dapitan Arcade is in Little Dapitan. When I went to Little Dapitan when it opened in October, I was able to get nice Christmas Decors, that I would surely be able to use not only this year, but in the years to come.
Yesterday, I dropped by again to do some last minute shopping for items that I could gift and use at home. I was so busy the last quarter of 2019 that I wasn’t able to complete the gifts I need to prepare. Here are some items that you can see here in Little Dapitan.

Dapitan Arcade is all about accentuating local artisans. Christmas decors were made local to support our local market, here in Little Dapitan. You may also find Capiz light fixtures and other ornaments that can be used to decorate the home. If you are looking for wooden handicrafts and furniture, Little Dapitan also has a wide selection of skilled artisans who are present and is selling their local handicrafts as well as flower arrangements, vases and centerpieces.littledapitan4littledapitan5littledapitan7littledapitan8littledapitan9littledapitan10littledapitan11littledapitan12littledapitan13
Cloverleaf  Balintawak makes it easier to shop as they brought them closer to the metro, especially to those who live in the North. Do you last minute shopping aka year-end shopping at Little Dapitan, open until December 31, 2019!
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Here’s more of what you can see in Little Dapitan:



  1. Little Dapitan is really a great place to visit. Too bad that it was too far from our home. Hoping that if ever they will open for another season I will be able to visit


  2. Little Dapitan is such a great place to visit during the holiday season. Too bad that I was able to visit because it was too far.


    • Yes actually Dapitan Arcade has been in the market for a long time, Manila area sya. Along the likes of Divi, quiapo, etc what they did with Little Dapitan, they brought it nearer to people, mostly sa mga taga North.


  3. I didn’t know there were that many options at Little Dapitan. Love the wooden plates from your pics. 🙂


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