#DareToDrinkVeggies with Malee Juice

It’s been 10 months since I sacrificed my love for soda for a healthier lifestyle. I realized how big my belly was then because of the liters of soda we love drinking in almost all of our meals.

It was hard at first, especially when we go to places that only serve soda. But I get by and got really used to not drinking soda anymore. BUT don’t get me started with my love affair with iced tea. I sometimes needed it for my sanity. My sometimes at times became too much. Not healthy anymore. Nowadays, I fight the urge and I think I’m doing great.

Until I was introduced  to Malee 100% Juice. I got addicted to drinking juice again, all the time. But this time, I got a healthier choice.DSCF9891

Did you know that Malee 100% Juice is made from real fruit and vegetables, no sugar added and has no artificial coloring and preservatives?

It has 4 flavors to choose from, here I am with my mixed vegetable and fruit juice with broccoli juice and it is surprisingly good and is actually my favorite! It also has carrot juice with mixed fruit juice, apple juice and mandarin orange. It comes in 250ML (39php) and 1L (105php)DSCF9901

Malee 100% Juice 1L is available at leading supermarkets while the 250ML juice boxes are available in 7-11 stores nationwide.

I can’t believe I’m drinking veggies. I dare you to drink veggies with me!



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