6 Things We will Always Remember from Repertory Philippines’ The Quest for The Adarna

“Ang Ibong Adarna” in my memory as a child is Jolina Magdangal in Ang TV the Movie and as a high school frosh, the story that we tackled for a quarter in our Filipino class. In today’s generation, for Coco, the beautiful Adarna Bird is the one that he watched in Rep. This year, Repertory Philippines stages something epic, one that is close to the Filipino heart, an original musical, of the tale of the Ibong Adarna – which I’m pretty sure, it wasn’t an easy task adapting the story for a children’s setting.
As expected of Rep, the costumes, set and props where sooo beautiful and colorful. What actually amazed me is the use of technology in one of the backgrounds and how it looked alive, even if it is not really real. I realized that it has been Rep’s norm now, ano? To be interactive to their audience even once in the duration of the play? Because I used to watch Rep plays as a young girl and I don’t remember anything like that. I love how they are inclusive of their audience and I loved the energy of the audience, alike. Luckily, Coco’s set wasn’t the boring kind. Aside from that, one of Coco’s favorite scene was when Maria Blanca and Prince Juan defeated the 7-headed monster in a shadow play form, they were bigger than usual, which also pumped up the kids.

Here are the 6 things we will always remember from Adarna:

1. Greed is never a good idea. When one is greedy, they don’t care whether you are his family as long as he gets what he wants. When one is greedy, all he have in his heart is hatred. Who would want those, right? We should always be contented on what we have because if we keep on looking at what others have or what others can do, you might overlook the blessings that you have.
2. Always be kind. There is nothing this world needs but kindness in the heart of its people. You would never know when someone needs your kindness and you’ll also never know what you’ll get in return of that kindness you have shared. If you could be anything in this would, choose to be kind.

Princess Maria Blanca and Prince Juan

3. Do not under estimate what a woman can do. Women aren’t weak. Women can do whatever men can do.. well, as much as a women can do anything a man can do, men can also do anything a woman can do. Let’s be fair here.

The beautiful Adarna

4. Rule of 3 (Sneak, Slip and Slice/Slice, Squeeze and Slip). Things doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t be hard on ourselves and complicate things. There will always be ways to make our life easier.

King and Queen of Berbania with Prince Diego

5. Plans are great. But sometimes, those unplanned are greater. Sometimes, we will just be surprised with what destiny may bring us. Beautiful things may happen.

My little theater boy’s first order of business is to get his playbill

6. Brotherhood. Blood will always be thicker than water, they say, right? Even if the worst has come, fights happened, you will always end up together because that’s what family is all about, no one gets left behind.

Princess Maria Blanca aka Tita Cara

We are so happy  to watch my cousin, Paui who is part of the lovely ensemble and (Tita) Cara Barredo, who plays fierce Princess Maria Blanca.

Adventurous and grand as it may be, don’t forget to catch “The Quest for the Adarna” as it runs until January 26, 2020 at Onstage in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Get your tickets now contact REP at 8451-1474 or 0966-905-4013 or purchase tickets via TicketWorld at 8891-9999 or http://www.ticketworld.com.ph


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