A Trip to the Lady’s Choice Creamy Christmas Village

Just exactly like what a Filipino Christmas Village would feel like. Festive. Great food – one with Puto Bumbong and Bibingka and of course, Great company. Lady’s Choice did a great job in making us feel Christmas as early as now.

What completed  this was a chance to meet Ms. Kris Aquino in flesh, even if I didn’t get to have a photo with her. Beautiful as she is, she told us of her Christmas plans with Josh and Bimb, in an out of the country trip and how as early as September her staff are already busy wrapping up presents for the people that she is grateful for the year.

She also taught us her macaroni salad recipe, which for sure I will be doing this Christmas. We just have to remember the 3 easy steps – Cook, Chop, Combine when preparing your favorite macaroni salad for the holidays and it if even more fun if you prepare it with your loved ones. She also shared with us her secret ingredient, wanna know what? It’s SUGAR (but I also add condensed milk in mine!).

So, while they are preparing macaroni salad on stage, we are also making our own version, as they have set up our tables with sets of ingredients for the macaroni salad. Our group had so much fun doing ours and I almost finished our macaroni bowl myself. Ooops!20191127_175149

Here are more snaps of the evening with my friends enjoying the night away!

We all know how Lady’s Choice Mayo is the most important ingredient of any macaroni salad, right? It wouldn’t be perfect if we use a different one. I can’t wait to make my mac salad with Coco on Christmas eve!
Mayo holidays be filled with love with #LadysChoicePH


Watch some snippets here:


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