A Red Oreo? Compliment an Oreo and Make it Turn Red!

What happens when you give someone a nice compliment? They blush, and turn red, right? Did you know that Oreo cookies blush too? Yes, for a limited time only, everyone’s favorite cookie will be turning red when you pay it a compliment.

This October, Oreo fanatics will get the chance to make Oreo cookies turn red by playing it a compliment through the “Compliment Machine” in exchange for a treat.

This Compliment Machine is the world’s first compliment-powered treat-giver, running on all the lovely things said by Oreo people. It’s the perfect way to show much how much you love Oreo cookies, and get to taste how Oreo cookies taste like when they get kilig.

The Oreo Compliment Machine is the first of its kind in the country, and we’re more than excited for Oreo fans to try this new experience,” said Kristine Enriquez, brand manager of Mondelez Philippines, maker of Oreo Cookies. “We all deserve a little loving sometimes, and we’re sure everyone will love what happens to our favorite Oreo cookie when it turns red.

During the launch, Kapamilya Gold Squad member and Kadenang Ginto star, Kyle Echarri were given compliments by ladies, as he also did vice versa, made everybody blush like an Oreo.

We also got to taste the goodness of the Red Velvet Oreo, scrumptious as it is, because of its cheesecake flavored cream.

Express your love for Oreo cookies at the Oreo Compliment Machine, which will be at Robinson’s Galleria this October 12 to 13, then the Glorietta Activity Grounds on October 16. It will be making its last stop at UP Town Center on October 19 to 20.

For more details about Oreo follow them on Instagram and Like them on Facebook.

Watch snippets of the launch here:



  1. I could just imagine all the yumminess in there. My sons love Oreo dipped in milk… and then add the red velvet. YUM!!!!


  2. The Oreo Compliment Machine is so cool! Will surely buy this limited edition oreo when I go back to schoolafter sembreak! Wala pa dito sa province namin haha


  3. Now that’s how u innovate in marketing. I’m guessing we’re still on the kilig trend and that won’t be changing any time soon. I now wish i could grab a pack of those red oreos and have a taste myself. Haha


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