Experience the Four Seasons with BLK Scents

BLK Scents Pop Up StoreDo you want to experience the scents of the four seasons in just a blink of an eye? Head over to BLK CosmeticsSpecial Pop Up Store, the first of its kind in the Philippines, where they bring to life, BLK Scents, their new baby and get to introduce them to everyone in a more interactive and fun way.
BLK Scents
SUMMER Pomegranate
Everything that is summer to you. Sunshine cheers. Bright as a sun. Your Sunlight in A Bottle. It is both fruity and floral with blends of magnolia and peony.
BLK Scents Summer PomegranateBLK Scents Summer Pomegranate
SPRING Sweet Pea
Romantic. Literally felt like I am in a bed of a indulgent bouquet of flowers in sweet pea scent, blended with the fragrance of Apple tree leaves, yellow freesias and the lush notes of linden blossom and white orris
BLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet PeaBLK Scents Spring Sweet Pea
Experience Autumn lights to infinity and beyond. Fragrance blended with fresh wisteria, red peony and sweet musk.
BLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn LilyBLK Scents Autumn Lily
WINTER Jasmine
No fret, winter wonderland in the heat of October. Coolness and freshness of winter with notes of winter jasmine peppermint and green tea.
BLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter JasmineBLK Scents Winter Jasmine
Beat the SUMMER heat, smell the romance of SPRING, see the lights of AUTUMN and experience WINTER wonderland, starting TODAY, October 12, 2019 up to November 30 at the C-5 Wing of Market! Market! MONDAY to SUNDAY 12NN to 9PM. ENTRANCE is FREE and you get 10% discount when you post your pic with the hashtag #BLKScentsPopUp #BLKScents.

Sneak Peak Here:



  1. I think I saw this in Anne Curtis’ Instagram and I am curious how they interpreted the 4 seasons of Korea into scents, especially since we do not have Autumn and Winter here in the Philippines.


  2. Yaaayy. I love the concept and the colors. I would love to pose on that place too. I hope it will be carred here in the province immediately.Still can’t find it at the malls.


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