Confidently Beautéful with Beautéderm

I’ve never been so confident about how I look until Beautéderm came into my life and this is my testimonial. Appreciation post to my Achi, Rei Tan – founder and CEO of Beautéderm Corporation and to my Kuya Carlo Aquino, brand ambassador.

Back story: I don’t have clear skin. I have an uneven skin tone due to years of carelessness of not putting sunscreen on my face when I am out and under the sun. I will not wash my face with make up when I come home and would even sleep on it. I weren’t pimpled face, but I’d get zits here and there, especially when my time of the month comes. Worst is that the dark spots of dried zits will just stay in my face for months. Blackheads, white heads, open pores, dull and dry skin – you name it. I had it. My mom brought me to that famous derma as young as 14 years old. I would go to them and other more affordable skin care clinics religiously, until I never went to anymore.  I used the first famous skin care regimen that was available in the market back then. I would use different brands from local to US brands of facial wash, even use this baby laundry bar for my face. I used calamansi, bittergoard, honey, oatmeal and even coffee beans. Nothing worked for me and I never cared anymore.

PS. There is only one that worked for me, and it worked for me real good, but I can’t take it anymore because I’m scared of what might happen if I get pregnant, it is this certain capsule and I took it only for 6 months.

But I’m not getting any younger, I am already in my early 30’s and I realized after so many things that I read here and there, of how we should take care of our skin as early as possible, I finally started to do it. I didn’t know where to start until, Achi Rei sent me a Beauté Set (trial set) to try out. I was hesitant at first, because of the many skin regimen I tried all these years. It took a week for me to decide before I took the plunge.

This is the Beauté Set (Regular) which is good for at least 2 months use. Set includes Papaine soap, Toner, Day cream and Night cream 1, 2 and 3. You can also use Purifié Facial Wash when washing your face. Ultralite Whitening soap and Oatmeal soap included in the picture.

For the first two weeks alone, you will actually notice a difference. I didn’t peel that much, and it only happened on the second month. I didn’t get pimples during the first two months of using the BeautéDerm Set. By the third month, I started to have pimples again during the week prior to my period, but just 1-2 and it would be gone in a few days. Its pimple marks would also lighten fast, even those pimple marks that I had during Day 0 of using the set was completely gone by the fifth month. My skin just keeps getting better every day. By then, I could actually go out without or with minimal make up on.

This series of photos where taken September 14, 2018 and September 19, 2019. Exactly a year of using BeautéDerm Beauté Set with Purifié Facial Wash. Just see for yourself!

With everything I said and the pictures to prove it, I say – BeautéDerm is definitely proven effective. It really tightened and refreshed my skin again and it really brought back my glow. I have never been so confident in my life, with how I look and I only got to achieve it with BeautéDerm.

To order, just headover to their socials – you can order via their Facebook page, Instagram account or inquire for the nearest branch in your area.



      • I can tell that you really felt confidently beautiful even more after using the product with the confident smile your wearing on the second photo. I can relate to that, sobrang hirap talaga maghanap ng skincare that will really match with your face, it’s really a struggle. I’m happy you found yours po! I’ll check it out and recommend it with my friends as well 💗


  1. wow kitang kita po yung improvement,i wish soon mapagtuunan ko dn ng panahon ang self enhancement through product like this.🥰


  2. Thank you for the before and after photos! I feel like not a lot of people do that with skin care posts these days (I do this sometimes, haha). I’m very happy with what I’m using for skincare right now on my face too, and it’s so exciting once you find a routine and set of products that work well for your skin type. Will recommend this to other friends!


  3. Love the instant glow because of Beautederm! I would love to try their body sunscreen (I still use sunscreen at home haha!)


  4. Oh wow! This product really did wonders ❤ Thank you so much for showing the before and after photos. I'm happy it worked out well for your skin!!


  5. You look as fresh as ever! I admire you for your dedication. This post also took a year to post hehe I really keep switching the products I use on my face kasi ang dami talagang promising and interesting products in the market. Labas lang ng labas ng mga bago HAHA. You made me realize na it’s better to stick to one talaga. Aside from that, BeautéDerm Set looks really effective on you! You look glowing and gorgeous. Super healthy na ng skin mo compared to last year 🙂


  6. I also hate having pimples and the dark marks they leave 😭 Pero grabeee ang fresh ng after photos! I can really see the difference! Good job to this brand! ✅


  7. Your face looks supple and well-moisturized after using BeauteDerm. I’ve started my skin care lifestyle too and I’ve heard about this product many times. No need to be skeptic about the product, the outcome shows 🙂



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