The Play Lab Experience

The newest ‘go-to” spot for kids has just opened in Robinson’s Galleria – Play Lab, which is a digital play ground. What makes it different among all other play grounds available?  Play Lab takes play time to a whole new level that both kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy.
DSCF7966Play Lab actually looks like you are inside a video game. It is digital, interactive and could possibly unleash your creative prowess. Instead of kids glued to their tablets playing their games, when inside Play Lab you get use physical movements to play a video game like throwing a ball, or smashing the meteoroid with your fist, and as well as interact with other kids while playing. Kids get to learn how to be patient and wait for their turn, as well as make friends with others.It also helps stimulates creativity and imagination, when kids color and draw and to their amazement, find their artworks on the giant screen right in front of them.
DSCF8032There are 14 areas that you wouldn’t want to miss, here they are:

INFINITY POOL gives us an illusion of infinite ripples of hues because of the floor to ceiling mirror that surrounds its area. I’ve noticed how kids mimics a frog leaping from one ripple to another, which actually make it like a pond.

DIGITAL PAINTER unleashes the Picasso in your child. It’s reminds me of Midas touch, everything he touches turns into gold. Here, with just one touch of the giant pen, colors will give life to the dull digital painting.

has a goal: to water the flower. To be able to do that, the child must create a way to change how the water would flow by putting tubes through lines, umbrellas and what not. I love how it encourages a child to be creative and logical. Of course, Coco doesn’t know how to do it, so he created a basin instead.

DOODLE AQUARIUM initiates a child’s creativity by drawing it own under the sea animal. What’s awesome is that your would see it in a giant digital aquarium after the Play Lab staff assists you in scanning your drawing.

THE GIANT leads you and your child in a giant chroma green background and brings you to different places, while popping bubbles and swatting pinatas.

With throwing soft balls to aliens and UFOs who are bound to still your toys, BALL STRIKE will give you real life video game feels in a form of a giant screen.

Paint your own flower and butterfly and see the butterflies magically fly to the giant BUTTERFLY GARDEN screen and flowers bloom at the tree in the middle.

LIVE DREAMS in a colorful and magical world by coloring your favorite magical creature – dragon, ginger bread man, unicorn, wizard, elf or fairy – scan it and watch them float by the giant screen of their magical world.

Be acquainted to another life form in ANOTHER LAND by playing with the flying jellyfishes and sea urchin-like creatures. Once you see yourself as a lightwave, you can now interact with everything.

Be your own super hero in PLANET DEFENSE by saving the planet from UFO attacks!

TAPTAP WALL is the last one you will see before you exit Play Lab. Create your own patterns by tapping the bulbs.

FANTASY SLOPE is Coco’s ultimate favorite, as he is a slide enthusiast. The slide itself changes lights and backgrounds every now and then, giving a children sliding an illusion of having a great adventure in outer space or under the sea.

And lastly, reminiscing of our good old tree house with an old tire as a swing in the middle of Play Lab, THE RAINBOW TREE. Sturdy and strong, children could climb it and pass through a webbed rope on top or swing by the tires that are illuminated.

Operating Hours:
10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Sunday – Thursday)
10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Friday – Saturday)

Rates to Remember:
P450 per child for 2 hours (2 years old above)
P250 per adult
Free for babies below 2 years old
P100 for an extra hour or a fraction of an hour
P100 for premium socks for both kids and adults
P50 for regular socks for kids

Eligible to play:
Children 6 years old and above can play without a guardian.
Children below 6 years old SHOULD be accompanied by a guardian and entrance fee for the guardian is not inclusive on your child’s entrance fee

1. Bring socks so you won’t need to buy.
2. It is dark inside, keep your child in your sight.
3. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the premises.
4. It can also be rented out for a party
Bring your children to Play Lab and be with them as they discover the fun in learning through PLAY, because PLAY gives them the chance to practice what they have learned.

Watch how my son Coco had so much fun and hear what he thinks about Play Lab:

PLAY LAB is at the 4/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA corner, Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City
For updates, follow PlayLab PH on Facebook.



  1. Mabuti pa sa Manila madaming mga ganitong attractions for kids. Dito sa Batangas super limited lang talaga. Super enjoy ang kids kapag ganito yung environment diba pati sa ating mga mommy nakakabata.


    • True! Nakaka enjoy kahit sating mga mommies. Aww, pag pala gusto niyo puntahan super dayo kayo ano? Hope you get to spend a day or 2 here in manila and visit places that your kid/s may enjoy!


  2. This is so cool! I love the fact that this place won’t only encourage the kids to become physically active but it also develops creativity as well. My baby just turned a year old but will definitely add this to our places to visit when she’s turned at least 2 years old. Thanks for posting this!


    • Hi Mommy Tine! True, when I was inside, I actually felt I was inside a giant video game. Digital activities but it gives way to our child to become physically active, yes to creativity too! Hope to hear fromyou in the future, when you’ve visited Play Lab!


  3. This is new and very innovative!! I’m very supportive of how they use technology here, making a way for children to learn while also having fun. I would have loved this when I was a kid!! And i think this is only get better after some time!! Hahaha.


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